Holly Higinbotham
One shopkeeper says she senses more enthusiasm and gaiety among shoppers, and a local innkeeper appreciates the way people don’t seem to be rushing through the holidays.
Christmas in Edgartown
Edgartown Board of Trade
Dec. 28 is the deadline to enter a holiday recipe in Cape Air's contest to win round-trip tickets for two.
Cape Air


A mechanical Santa wrote with a quill inside Moonstone Jewelers window, a mannequin fashioned a poinsettia dress in Alley Cat’s and a toy train zipped around photographs of snowy Vineyard days inside Island Art Gallery.

All were admired by the crowds assembled on Main street in Vineyard Haven on Tuesday, but Mix’s storefront — adorned with vintage toys stuffed in coffee cups — earned the best window award, given by four high school art students.

The wind blows hard as Mark Crossland and his crew assemble the last of 18 Christmas trees in Ocean Park. Mr. Crossland and Alisson Brasil tie a rope in a knot at the end of a pole, mount the pole in the ground, cable the rope down, and start wrapping Christmas lights around the six-foot tree.

The guys zip-tie the string to the ropes, and splice each light to prevent burn-out. It takes the crew about a week to fill Ocean Park with the trees, which for now look a bit naked in the sunlight.

But at night?


scallop shell shack Christmas wreath
Editor's Note: Each year, editor Phyllis Meras creates a Christmas poem for the Vineyard.



West Tisbury’s Mill Pond was all white;
The snow on the cattails a pretty sight.
The mallards were swimming up and down.
A wood duck, too, was visiting town,
And hooded mergansers were having their day
While in their incredibly stately way
Babette and Romeo — that elegant pair
Of swans that assuredly add such flair
To Mill Pond waters were cruising about
Enjoying a breakfast, without a doubt,
Of cornbread supplied by Jenkinson, Joan,
Who looks after the swans all on her own
Because they make such a picturesque sight



At the Animal Shelter of MV
The dogs were barking with great glee,
And the cats were purring to beat the band,
For they sensed, in the air, that something grand
Was about to happen — to bring delight
To all Martha’s Vineyard, which is right.
In the sky above, they sniffed reindeer
Getting ready to land and to bring good cheer
Not only to shelter dogs and cats
And gerbils and guinea pigs and pet rats
In need of homes and loving care,
But Island humans would get their share
Of gifts from the sleigh in the air on high

Here’s a proposed expedition every bit as adventurous (but not nearly as brutal) as Capt. Shackleton’s trek across South Georgia Island: Why not sit down with loved ones and plan to attend every last event being staged over the coming weekend — Dec. 11 to Dec. 13 — of the Christmas In Edgartown extravaganza?