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Wednesday of last week was a great day for the Vineyard.
Agricultural Fair
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Maia Coleman
The Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society has unveiled the winning poster for the fair this summer honoring Emma Hall, a longtime fair volunteer who died this winter in a motor vehicle accident.
Agricultural Fair



They come for the fun and festivities or they come to claim a first place prize. No matter the motivation, they come — throngs of people eager to turn the turnstiles onto the grounds of the Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society Show and Fair.

Starting Thursday, Island residents and visitors alike will swarm the 148th Annual Agricultural Fair for four days and nights, to hear thrumming tractors and bands of banjos, stain their lips and tongues with blue and red sno-cone juice and dizzy themselves on the chutes of the sky-high carnival slide.

Summer’s Dizzying Height

For some people, in other places, the critical deadline to meet each year is April 15, which has something to do with taxes. For many people on the Island, it’s the deadline for entering the annual Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society Livestock Show and Fair, which has everything to do with fun. Paperwork for all fair entries is due by Monday at 5 p.m. Those otherwise sweet fair workers can be every bit as strict as the Internal Revenue Service, so don’t test them by tripping in on Tuesday.


As entries pour in for the 148th annual Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society Livestock Show and Fair, poster competition winner Morgan Lucero is readying her autograph hand.

Ms. Lucero’s winning entry for the highly competitive contest is of a team of strapping oxen attached to a cart in the foreground of the agricultural hall.

“I was very excited, it felt like I’d won the lottery,” said Ms. Lucero yesterday, “It’s the little things in life, you know.”


Members of the Martha’s Vineyard Bonsai Society asked visitors to their display at the Agricultural Fair to choose their favorite bonsai. The clear first place winner was a Japanese maple grown by Don Sibley.

The number of votes for the following honors was very close; in second place was a cedar forest grown by Jeff Donaroma, and in third place, a Chinese elm grown by Betty Trider.

Three plants were awarded honorable mention: Vincent Dellatorra’s grape vine; Ernie Carlomagno’s small leaf jade and his Shimpaku juniper.

Horses at the Ag Fair

Junior Goats

General, over 2 years doe: 1. Thea Keene, 1. Adelaide Keene.

Junior Swine

General, Sow under 1 year: 1. Nathaniel W. Packer, 2. Charlotte Packer, 3. David Packer.

Junior Swine, General, Barrow under 1 year: 1. Nathaniel W. Packer, 2. Charlotte Packer, 3.David Packer.

Junior Swine, General, Barrow over 1 year: 1. Nathaniel W. Packer, 1. Charlotte Packer, 2. David Packer.

Junior Sheep, Pure Bred, Sheep: 1. Lucy Tompson, 1. Oscar Thompson.

Junior Sheep


Sam Hayes of Edgartown affectionately pinned back the ears of his giant American pit bull terrier, Wallace, as owner and canine took a breather from Sunday’s dog show.

It was the last day of the 147th Annual Livestock Show and Fair of the Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society. A total of 29,706 entrance tickets were sold, happily surprising organizers who were braced for recession-era frugality and low returns on a late summer start date.