On Island to attend a screening of the documentary about him, Barney Frank speaks about his life as a gay congressman and married man, in a conversation with the Gazette at the Chilmark Community Center.

Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley and former federal health care executive Dr. Donald Berwick both won the backing of enough delegates, along with state Treasurer Steve Grossman, to set up a three-way primary race in September. The Democratic convention was held Saturday in Worcester.


It was a busy day for Kamala Harris; her Vineyard vacation was drawing to a close and she was pressed for time. Stopping for a television interview on her way to catch a flight to New York city, the San Francisco district attorney, who is running for California Attorney General in 2010, arrived hurried but not flustered. The lights snapped on, a cameraman mimed a countdown, and she was on; speaking with precision about crime rates, recidivism, and the California budget crisis.


Edward W. Brooke of Newton and Oak Bluffs became the first African American ever elected to the United States Senate by a popular vote.


Rev. Adam Clayton Powell, pastor of the Abyssinian Baptist Church in New York city, and a summer resident of Oak Bluffs, won both the Republican and Democratic nominations for congressman in the 22nd district in New York on Tuesday. He is apparently assured of election as the first Negro representative from New York.