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Right whales
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Bruce Brooks
Nuzzling the shoreline with the curiosity and daring that made its ancestors easy prey for whalers, a young right whale is swimming slowly northward along the East Coast toward Martha’s Vineyard.
Right whales
Sea turtles
Marine Mammal Protection Act
Mark Alan Lovewell
One of the rarest creatures on the earth, the endangered right whale, was seen near the Vineyard Tuesday.
Right whales
National Marine Fisheries Service
Noah Asimow
A new biological opinion will require fixed gear and trap pot fisheries in the Northeast to reduce entanglements by 87 per cent over the next decade.
Right whales


Under pressure to reduce the environmental impacts of its wind farm located 15 miles off the Vineyard coast, Vineyard Wind has turned to artificial intelligence in a bid to protect the endangered right whale population.

The Center for Coastal Studies recently issued a reminder and request for mariners to slow down for right whale protection efforts.


The global North Atlantic right whale population has continued its downward turn, declining to an amount not seen since the early 2000s, according to a new report by the North Atlantic Right Whale Consortium.

The sudden reappearance of a whale long driven from Vineyard waters might seem like a win for nature, but those studying the return note that the phenomenon may be an indicator of more struggles for the species.


Scientist and veterinarian Michael Moore's new book We Are All Whalers is part memoir, part call to action.

The critically endangered North Atlantic right whale registered another grim milestone this week, with a new estimate showing further declines in its population. A report Monday said a census found just 336 whales left.