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Right whales
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
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Nuzzling the shoreline with the curiosity and daring that made its ancestors easy prey for whalers, a young right whale is swimming slowly northward along the East Coast toward Martha’s Vineyard.
Right whales
Sea turtles
Marine Mammal Protection Act
Mark Alan Lovewell
One of the rarest creatures on the earth, the endangered right whale, was seen near the Vineyard Tuesday.
Right whales
National Marine Fisheries Service
Noah Asimow
A new biological opinion will require fixed gear and trap pot fisheries in the Northeast to reduce entanglements by 87 per cent over the next decade.
Right whales


Steamship general manager Robert Davis went to Washington, D.C. to talk to lawmakers about the proposed right whale protective measures as conservation groups call for a hard implementation deadline.

The rope embedded in the tail of a dead young right whale that washed up on the Vineyard last month is consistent with buoy lines used by trap fishermen in Maine.

Tribal leadership maintains it has aboriginal rights to any dead whales that beach along the shores of Noepe — the Wampanoag name for Martha’s Vineyard. Retaining that right has remained a priority for members, who have traditionally made use of whale meat, fat, bones and baleen.

The 3-year-old female whale was seen entangled in the Gulf of St. Lawrence in August 2022, and attempts to free it off Cape Cod last year were unsuccessful, according to the New England Aquarium.

The journey to Aquinnah was two-fold: a tow by sea to the Martha’s Vineyard Shipyard in Vineyard Haven, and then a land transport up-Island.

Scientists have yet to determine the cause of death as of Monday afternoon, but the dead calf represents another blow to the critically endangered whale species, which has dwindled to fewer than 360 individuals in recent years.