Weather Basics is the topic of Sail MV's next Zoom talk, March 10, with Brian Whitely of Weather Routing Inc.
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A blizzard battered the Vineyard Saturday with high winds and heavy snow, causing power outages and ferry cancellations.


Warm weather over the holiday weekend can be attributed in part to climate change, and even more directly to the El Niño effect.

Hot enough for you? The quintessential New England weather cliche is usually reserved for July, or August, not December, with church bells ringing carols, flip-flops observed and people hanging out on the Island Home’s weather deck.

Drenching rains and gale-force winds marked the start of the weekend, but forecasters and emergency managers breathed a little easier over the powerful hurricane churning through the southern Atlantic.

We are in a drought, and we can see its effect on lawns that are not irrigated.

Roads flooded and lightning struck in more than one place when a line of severe squalls raced through the Vineyard Wednesday morning.