Island Digs Out After Daylong Storm Brings Snow, Coastal Flooding

Ferries were cancelled and schools and town offices shuttered Monday as a winter storm moved through the Vineyard, bringing blizzard conditions for nearly five hours.

What's That in the Fields? Blizzard Leaves Rare Snow Rollers

The weekend blizzard left a rare calling card: cylindrical hunks of snow called snow rollers strewn across Vineyard fields.

Martha's Vineyard Digs Out after Blizzard Lashes Island

A blizzard battered the Vineyard Saturday with high winds and heavy snow, causing power outages and ferry cancellations.

Year in Weather: Big Blizzards, Sunny Summer

Hot enough for you? The quintessential New England weather cliche is usually reserved for July, or August, not December, with church bells ringing carols, flip-flops observed and people hanging out on the Island Home’s weather deck.

Storm-Tossed Island, But Hurricane Threat Remote

Drenching rains and gale-force winds marked the start of the weekend, but forecasters and emergency managers breathed a little easier over the powerful hurricane churning through the southern Atlantic.

Squalls Race Across Island With Downpours, Lightning Strikes

Roads flooded and lightning struck in more than one place when a line of severe squalls raced through the Vineyard Wednesday morning.

First Day of Summer

Summer arrives on Sunday afternoon at 12:38 p.m. Summer begins for us in that moment, though the weather and the signs have been around for a while. The precise time is more a concept than anything we can observe, measure in time, or experience. It is a moment when the overhead sun reaches farthest north above the equator, our time. If one could follow the sun at the zenith on this day and draw a line on the ground, the line would be what appears on maps as the Tropic of Cancer, a ring around the earth, at latitude 23.5 degrees.

Federal Assistance for Areas Affected by Storms

Local governments and eligible non-profit organizations are invited to a briefing about federal disaster assistance on May 8.

Blizzard Trailed by Deep Freeze

The ferocious mid-winter weather that has pummeled the Vineyard with snow, ice, wind and frigid temperatures continued without letup over the weekend as another blizzard roared through. The storm began late Saturday and lasted all day Sunday.

Island Hunkers Down as Winter Storm Brings Heavy Snow, Wind

After a night and morning of steady snowfall, the snow subsided early Sunday afternoon as a winter storm lashed the Vineyard. Ferries to the Vineyard have been canceled for all of Sunday and the Island is a blanket of white after hours of wind-driven snow for the second time in three weeks.