Life Between the Snow and Earth

As long as there is at least six inches, there is life between the snow and earth.

Dry, Dryer, Driest: The Year in Weather

In a word: dry. The year 2016 saw widespread drought conditions over the second half of the year on Martha’s Vineyard, not good for local farmers, but maybe not bad for a resort Island that depends on good beach days.

Island Digs Out After Daylong Storm Brings Snow, Coastal Flooding

Ferries were cancelled and schools and town offices shuttered Monday as a winter storm moved through the Vineyard, bringing blizzard conditions for nearly five hours.

What's That in the Fields? Blizzard Leaves Rare Snow Rollers

The weekend blizzard left a rare calling card: cylindrical hunks of snow called snow rollers strewn across Vineyard fields.

Martha's Vineyard Digs Out after Blizzard Lashes Island

A blizzard battered the Vineyard Saturday with high winds and heavy snow, causing power outages and ferry cancellations.

Year in Weather: Big Blizzards, Sunny Summer

Hot enough for you? The quintessential New England weather cliche is usually reserved for July, or August, not December, with church bells ringing carols, flip-flops observed and people hanging out on the Island Home’s weather deck.

Storm-Tossed Island, But Hurricane Threat Remote

Drenching rains and gale-force winds marked the start of the weekend, but forecasters and emergency managers breathed a little easier over the powerful hurricane churning through the southern Atlantic.

Squalls Race Across Island With Downpours, Lightning Strikes

Roads flooded and lightning struck in more than one place when a line of severe squalls raced through the Vineyard Wednesday morning.

First Day of Summer

Summer arrives on Sunday afternoon at 12:38 p.m. Summer begins for us in that moment, though the weather and the signs have been around for a while. The precise time is more a concept than anything we can observe, measure in time, or experience. It is a moment when the overhead sun reaches farthest north above the equator, our time. If one could follow the sun at the zenith on this day and draw a line on the ground, the line would be what appears on maps as the Tropic of Cancer, a ring around the earth, at latitude 23.5 degrees.

Federal Assistance for Areas Affected by Storms

Local governments and eligible non-profit organizations are invited to a briefing about federal disaster assistance on May 8.