Island Plunges Into Deep Freeze

Hardy bay scallopers were grounded, plumbers were on 24-hour call and hardware stores were doing a brisk business in space heaters, hand and foot warmers as the Vineyard was gripped by bitter cold along with the rest of the East Coast early this week.

Snow Stops, Cold Continues After First Big Storm

The first big snowstorm of the year has settled down but temperatures are expected to drop to six degrees tonight, with wind chills of 15-below late tonight and into tomorrow. Sengekontacket Pond began to freeze over late Friday afternoon.

Winter Storm Brings Big Snow, Wind and Extreme Cold

The Vineyard experienced approximately eight inches of snowfall, high winds and frigid temperatures but for the most part the Island is getting back to normal. Most of the roads are clear and the Steamship Authority is running on a trip by trip basis.

Winter Storm Brings Snow, Cold and Many Closures

A major winter storm carrying high winds, snow and icy temperatures was expected to peak overnight, leaving between 6 and 12 inches of snow in its wake, according to the National Weather Service. Schools and government offices were ordered closed Friday in anticipation of hazardous driving conditions.

Winter Storm Warning in Effect, Schools Plan Early Dismissal

A strong winter storm is expected to begin on Thursday morning, with heavy snow and frigid temperatures. Island schools will have early dismissals on Thursday; regional high school lets out at 11 a.m., grammar schools at noon and the charter school at 12:30 p.m.

Big Snow Tops Year in Weather

The year in weather saw average temperatures and rainfall, but heavy snowfall.

The Vineyard received a total of 36 inches of snow this year, almost a foot above average. A huge blizzard impacted most of the northeast corridor back in February. Boston received 25 inches of drifting snow, but only five inches fell in Edgartown. This remains the worst storm of the year, and on the mainland it approached the worst blizzard of the decade.

October Continues Trend of Dry Weather

Like September, October was a dry month. Total rainfall for October was .70 inches, more than twice the rainfall of September (.31 inches), but still significantly less than what the Vineyard usually gets. Normal average rainfall for October is 3.39 inches.

So Many Sunny Days, September Is Driest in 67 Years

It is incredibly dry. How dry? Last month was the driest September on the Vineyard in 67 years of record keeping.

Foliage is turning brown. Lawns are amber and leaves and grass crunch underfoot. Fire has become a concern.

Yesterday, while responding to a mid-day small brush fire in the woods near Sweetened Water Farm in Edgartown, fire chief Peter Shemeth called for mutual aid from West Tisbury.

“It is awfully dry and there is nothing you can do about it,” confirmed West Tisbury fire chief Manuel Estrella.

Friday, August 23: Overcast in the morning

Friday, August 23: Overcast in the morning. Bicyclists speed along the bike path at the State Beach, while the first beachgoers arrive. Partly sunny. Breezy.

Friday, August 16: Fair Weather

Friday, August 16: Fair weather for the agricultural society fair. West Tisbury is bustling with activity. All roads lead to the fair. Many of those dirt roads are dusty. Draft horse pull draws a big crowd. Oak Bluffs fills up with visitors in the late afternoon for a night of fireworks. The sky is clear. A pretty sunset is the opener for the fireworks.