U.S. Naval Academy's Integrity Flies With the Wind

Competing in the 79th Round the Island Race Saturday, the shipshape crew aboard the U.S. Naval Academy vessel Integrity made every second — and every wisp of wind — count.

Pat West Race Gets a Second Wind

The conditions for the Pat West Gaff Rig and Schooner Race, held on Saturday, Sept. 19, were very like those for the Moffett Race on Sept. 12.

Heading Out to Sea to Share the Bounty

On the day after Thanksgiving Nat Benjamin and a four-man crew cast off the stern lines of the gaff-rigged schooner Charlotte and set sail for the Caribbean. But it will be more than a cruising adventure.

From Duluth to Vineyard Haven, Island Family Sees America by Sail

When Tim and Trisha Colon bought a sailboat in Duluth, Minn., bringing the 45-foot boat home became a family adventure. With their two children, the Colons sailed the boat through the Great Lakes, down the Hudson River and across Long Island Sound to Vineyard Haven harbor.

Wind in Her Hair, Sea Beneath; Traveling the Old School Way

Every once in awhile when I was a child summering at East Chop, a four or five-masted schooner would come into sight, white sails filled with wind.

Surveying the Sound

For many fishermen, boaters and sailors, Nantucket Sound is a neighborhood. It is an inland sea with personality where stories abound. The sound ranges in size from 500 to 700 square miles, depending on who is doing the measuring. Nantucket Sound is the water that separates Cape Cod from Nantucket and much of the Vineyard.

Holmes Hole Races Share the Glory

The fourth of July weekend began and ended with three Holmes Hole SA races that produced five different winners.

Eleven skippers and their crews opted to spend Independence Day on the water in a Thursday evening race that was close with the top five boats finishing all within a minute of each other.

Whit Hanschka’s Sally took first place honors by eight seconds in 34 minutes flat on corrected time on a beautiful evening with 12 boats on the starting line. Mo Flam on Penelope took second followed by Dan Culkin on Magic Time.

Taking a Different Tack on Sailing

They are all captains but don’t wear lifejackets. Membership in their yacht club only costs $5 a year. When a severe storm is brewing, they don’t have to worry about moorings, storm surges or high winds. Their boats weather the worst usually on a shelf in the living room. The dozen members of the Martha’s Vineyard Model Yacht Club are a unique group of mariners. This month they are gearing up for a busy sailing season with frequent racing and gams.

Sloop It Up

The first exports from New England to Europe were two cargoes of sassafras, gathered by Martin Pring and his company on Martha’s Vineyard and the neighboring islands, and taken by Pring to England in sloop Speedwell and bark Discoverer, two small vessels. They came over in 1603, setting sail from Milford Haven, April 10th. With the sassafras on board they sailed from the Vineyard August 9th and arrived at Bristol, England, Oct. 2, 1603. Sassafras at the time was held in high esteem for its medicinal qualities.

Warm Nights, Full Sails at Holmes Hole Races

The Holmes Hole Sailing Association continued its Thursday evening series of handicap sailboat racing from Vineyard Haven harbor with a 6 p.m. race on July 26. It was a warm summer evening with a north wind. Eleven boats posted for the start at red nun 6 outside of the Vineyard Haven breakwater for the triangular course