From the Wheelhouse Loafer Come Some Seagoing Silhouettes
Joseph Chase Allen
It is inherent in the human soul to be thrilled by the sight of wind-hardend canvas, even if it is only a picture. There are tales and traditions of men who have been highly successful master mariners, yet who were born and spent boyhood and youth far, far from salt water or even lakes where boats might have been seen, but who had studied a picture from early childhood of a ship in a seaway and carrying sail.
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Vineyard Cup Marked by Mishaps at Sea
Steve Myrick

The 12th annual Vineyard Cup may go down as the most adventurous in the history of the event, with day one of racing scrapped because of violent weather and three boats dismasted in the second and third days.

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America's Cup Embraces the Next Generation
Heather Hamacek
For the last two weekends, the eyes of the sailing world have been glued to the finals of the America’s Cup in Bermuda.
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Herreshoff Cup Regatta

The fourth annual Vineyard Herreshoff Cup Regatta will be held on Menemsha Pond on Saturday and Sunday, June 24 and 25.

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For High School Senior Mary Morano, Sailing is More Than Sport
Chloe Reichel
Mary Morano has skippered her high school sailing team to smooth waters, always casting a sailor’s eye on life. She has been sailing since age seven, and two years ago made a comeback following a serious accident on the water.
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U.S. Naval Academy's Integrity Flies With the Wind
Steve Myrick
Competing in the 79th Round the Island Race Saturday, the shipshape crew aboard the U.S. Naval Academy vessel Integrity made every second — and every wisp of wind — count.
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Pat West Race Gets a Second Wind
Lisa Stout

The conditions for the Pat West Gaff Rig and Schooner Race, held on Saturday, Sept. 19, were very like those for the Moffett Race on Sept. 12.

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Heading Out to Sea to Share the Bounty
Katherine Scott
On the day after Thanksgiving Nat Benjamin and a four-man crew cast off the stern lines of the gaff-rigged schooner Charlotte and set sail for the Caribbean. But it will be more than a cruising adventure.
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From Duluth to Vineyard Haven, Island Family Sees America by Sail
Ivy Ashe

When Tim and Trisha Colon bought a sailboat in Duluth, Minn., bringing the 45-foot boat home became a family adventure. With their two children, the Colons sailed the boat through the Great Lakes, down the Hudson River and across Long Island Sound to Vineyard Haven harbor.

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Wind in Her Hair, Sea Beneath; Traveling the Old School Way
Phyllis Meras
Every once in awhile when I was a child summering at East Chop, a four or five-masted schooner would come into sight, white sails filled with wind.
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