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Golf, which has become a popular American pastime, has this week made a start on the Vineyard, and Mr. B. S.
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A golf club has been formed in town and named the Nashouohkamuk Golf Club, Nashouohkamuk being the old Indian name for Chilmark.
Chilmark History
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Mr. Elmes, the proprietor of the links, announces that on Aug. 20, 21, and 22, he is arranging for a ladies’ and gentlemen’s golf tournament, open to all members of the club.
Vineyard Gazette
The Edgartown Golf and Tennis Club was organized this week, and starts off with a good list of members, which it is hoped will be much increased with the next month.
Edgartown History


Charles Harff sits at table in the Farm Neck Golf Club Cafe dressed to the nines - the back nines. He’s wearing a Martha’s Vineyard Hospital 2004 golf tournament polo, white shorts and a pair of semi-dress loafers. Tan from day on the links, with gray hair and an air of congeniality, he’s soft-spoken and unassuming.


The Martha’s Vineyard Country Club, located in Oak Bluffs, has been sold by James A. Boyle of Vineyard Haven, to Richard D. Mansfield of the same town, transfers of the title having been effected this week.

Mr. Mansfield, best known as the proprietor of the Mink Meadows Golf Club at West Chop, told the Gazette that he is primarily interested in the motel on the property and the golf links, and that he hopes to lease the clubhouse. He plans no particular changes beyond a general cleaning up of the premises, and the operation of the various facilities will continue much as before.


They say that the beginnings of the game of golf are lost in history - but it’s not quite that bad on Martha’s Vineyard. Golf, as known to modern man, began here in the early nineties. How the Island had struggled along, no one can say, but it has not been without golf for any appreciable time since, and probably never will again.
Combining history with tradition - and there is fully as much of the former as of the latter in this review - the priority of golf on Martha’s Vineyard seems to line up as follows:


Golf was first played on Martha’s Vineyard in 1893, when six holes were laid out near the West Chop lighthouse. The first golf course in Edgartown was laid out in a cow pasture in 1897, cows being numbered among the hazards. Oak Bluffs was not far behind, early courses being put in play at East Chop and also where the present Martha’s Vineyard Country Club has its eighteen hole course. In general the rise of golf was coincident with the decline of agriculture, and as cows lost their pastures, golfer gained a course.


Editor, Vineyard Gazette:

Permit me to express my interest in your account of early golfing on Martha’s Vineyard, as described in your issue of August 7th. May I also venture to add an item or two relative to the Edgartown situation.

Golf is such an indispensable part of Island recreation that it seems impossible to imagine the Vineyard without it. However, in the nineties the game was played only by a few ambitious souls who now with excusable pride call themselves the founders of golf here. The various courses on the Island have no very definite dates to make their beginnings, as long before the clubs were officially founded, the game was being played on semi-pastures and fields.