Yvonne Guzman
The Gay Head selectmen voted yesterday to take the property of Andrew and Brenda Warshaw through eminent domain, seizing the couple's retirement property but shielding the rare geology and wildlife
Moshup Trail
Aquinnah select board


The Aquinnah select board Tuesday was unsure if it could fund initiatives at the Howes House and Moshup Trail.


A draft project aimed at opening up more scenic views along Moshup Trail won the backing of the Aquinnah select board at their meeting Tuesday, pending permits.


A decision by the U.S. Supreme court closes the book on a decades-long court battle over whether private land off Moshup Trail can be opened up for development.


Aquinnah landowners who have been battling for nearly 18 years to develop some 30 acres of land off Moshup Trail won a favorable decision this week from the state Court of Appeals, but the convoluted legal saga continues.


The gift of 17 small parcels valued at $3.7 million represents an important conservation gain in the rare heathlands of Aquinnah, conservation leaders said.

The foundation bought the 1.7-acre property on Nov. 19 for $35,416, a press statement said. The seller was the family of Josephine Smalley Vanderhoop. The purchase will help conserve rare habitat, Sheriff's Meadow said.