Moshup Trail Case Comes to an End

A decision by the U.S. Supreme court closes the book on a decades-long court battle over whether private land off Moshup Trail can be opened up for development.

In Long-Running Case, Court Ruling Favors Bear Realty Trust

Aquinnah landowners who have been battling for nearly 18 years to develop some 30 acres of land off Moshup Trail won a favorable decision this week from the state Court of Appeals, but the convoluted legal saga continues.

Kennedy Family Donates 30 Acres Along Moshup Trail to Vineyard Conservation Society

The gift of 17 small parcels valued at $3.7 million represents an important conservation gain in the rare heathlands of Aquinnah, conservation leaders said.

Sheriff's Meadow Conserves Smalley Property on Moshup Trail

The foundation bought the 1.7-acre property on Nov. 19 for $35,416, a press statement said. The seller was the family of Josephine Smalley Vanderhoop. The purchase will help conserve rare habitat, Sheriff's Meadow said.

Kennedy Family Puts Large Tract of Aquinnah Land Up for Sale

A large tract of rare and secluded oceanfront land owned by the Kennedy family in Aquinnah has been placed on the market for sale.

Two undeveloped lots totaling 93 acres from the 377-acre Red Gate Farm were listed for sale this week. One lot is about 53.5 acres, fronting the Atlantic Ocean, with an asking price of $25 million. The second lot is 39.5 acres with more than 1,000 feet of frontage on Squibnocket Pond, deeded beach access off Moshup Trail and an asking price of $20 million.

Long-Running Quest to Develop Moshup Trail Land Denied Again

The Aquinnah zoning board of appeals this week denied two variances for an Aquinnah property owner who wants to build a bridge or culverts across land he owns off Moshup Trail. James Decoulos, a Cambridge engineer, has been trying to win the right to build a house on the two-plus-acre property for 14 years.

Land Court Ruling: Loss for Developers

A Massachusetts Land Court judge last week dismissed the central claim in a complicated property rights case that centers on an attempt by a group of developers to open up access to a vast area of landlocked lots off Moshup Trail in Aquinnah.

Moshup Trail Project Argued

A longstanding land use battle off Moshup Trail in Aquinnah resurfaced on another front this week, when the town conservation commission took up the application of a landowner who wants to build in and around a wetland.

Fight Over Moshup Trail Sent Back to Land Court

Fight Over Moshup Trail Sent Back to Land Court


An eight-year legal battle over property rights in Aquinnah resurfaced last week when the Massachusetts Court of Appeals reversed a 2001 state land court decision that had the potential to block the development of more than 100 acres of rare coastal heathland off Moshup Trail.

The complicated case centers on whether a group of private landowners and developers should be granted access to a vast area of landlocked lots between Moshup Trail and State Road.

Commission Votes to Approve Kennedy Family Property Plan

Commission Votes to Approve Kennedy Family Property Plan


Ensuring that Kennedy family members will remain stewards of their rare Aquinnah estate into the next generation, the Martha's Vineyard Commission last week approved a subdivision plan for the 366-acre property between Moshup Trail and Squibnocket Pond.