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The hundred years of the Martha’s Vineyard Camp Meeting are filled with countless episodes which link the Island with the great figures or great events of other periods; or reflect in some colorf
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The Selectmen of this town have granted a license to Mr. Peter West to plant, grow and dig oysters, in a certain part of Squash Meadow Pond, for 20 years. We are glad to hear this. The oysters grown on this Island are of a very superior quality, and we should not be surprised to learn of the complete success of the new enterprise.


Mr. Marchant, - I seize a few moments in the midst of other cares to drop you a line respecting the progress of our Camp Meeting Arriving here on Monday, I found the verbal reports which had from time to time reached us to the effect that great additions had been made


This meeting was commenced on Wednesday, the 18th instant, at Wesleyan Grove, and was more numerously attended than on any previous year. The greatest number present was on Sunday, when it was estimated there were between four and five thousand persons on the ground. In Providence and the neighborhood the Methodists were disappointed in chartering a steamer for the occasion, and many (estimated at 1,500) were therefore prevented from coming; yet, so great was the increase, upon former years, from other places, that the decrease from this quarter was much far more than made up.