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The hundred years of the Martha’s Vineyard Camp Meeting are filled with countless episodes which link the Island with the great figures or great events of other periods; or reflect in some colorf
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Oak Bluffs history


The state board of harbor commissioners annual report, just issued, has the following regarding contemplated work at Lake Anthony opening:


The past week has been an eventful one in the history of Cottage City and in her prospects for the future. The decision in the question of the ownership of the parks in favor of the town will mark a new era in its history. The removal of this cloud, which has so long gung like a pall over its prosperity, will give a new impetus to improving property and the purchase of land and building of new cottages. The people’s rights have been protected by the courts, and it is many years since so healthy a sentiment has prevailed here in business circles.


The Vineyard Skating Rink, now transformed into the “Cottage City Casino,” equipped with stage and scenery and furnished with comfortable seating, is likely to prove one of the most popular institutions of Cottage City. Mr. H. E. Reed, a wide-awake gentleman of proved executive ability, is the manager, and has already opened the ball with a week of comic opera.


The first introduction of Methodism on this island was subsequent to the Revolutionary war. The Baptists then had a flourishing society, chiefly consisting of residents of Tisbury, but numbering some from other towns on the island. The Congregationalists were here from the earliest settlement, and were often spoken of as “the standing order.”


We call attention to the interesting letter from the Harford Times, which we print to-day. This enterprising Company have already had a further survey of their grounds, and laid out a large number of new lots for cottages. The Company supposed they had enough lots staked out to supply the market for several years, but the demand has been so great, a new supply needed.


The Land and Wharf Company here given their grounds the unique and taking name of “Oak Bluffs,” upon which they offer a thousand lots for sale. The have now completed the most substantial and convenient wharf that could have been erected in this vicinity, within forty rods of the Camp-ground proper.