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The Vineyard Gazette installed on Saturday a new Intertype machine—a typesetting machine embodying a great many recent improvements—and this addition to the plant was put into operation for the fir
Vineyard Gazette
Noah Asimow
The Vineyard Gazette celebrates its 175th anniversary Friday at a time of extraordinary change for community newspapers across America.
Vineyard Gazette
Bill Eville
Tomorrow’s History: 175 Years of the Vineyard Gazette opens at the Martha's Vineyard Museum this weekend. It tells the continuing story of a community newspaper that began in 1846.
Vineyard Gazette
Martha's Vineyard Museum


The Vineyard Gazette won 39 awards this year from the New England Newspaper and Press Association, including top prizes for environmental reporting, photography and multimedia storytelling.


On May 14, 1846, Edgar Marchant introduced the Vineyard Gazette, the Island's first newspaper. It was the Golden Age of whaling.
We present to our readers this morning, the first number of “The Vineyard Gazette.”

The Vineyard Gazette won 30 awards this year in the New England Newspaper and Press Association competition, including several top prizes for photography.

The Vineyard Gazette will donate $9,000 to the Martha’s Vineyard Shellfish Group, the result of a successful subscription promotion drive that called attention to the plight of the Island’s coastal ponds.


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