Timothy Johnson’s stunning photograph of birds circling over a wave at Philbin Beach was the audience favorite at the Vineyard Gazette’s recently concluded photo exhibit at Featherstone Center for the Arts.

More than 2,500 visitors toured the Eyes of the Island show during its monthlong run, and 675 of those cast ballots for their favorites among the 150 images on display. The exhibit featured news photography and portraits that have appeared over the years in the pages of the Vineyard Gazette and on its website, along with individual works from 11 photographers who regularly shoot for the Gazette.

Mr. Johnson’s photograph, which appeared on the front page of the Gazette on Jan. 31, 2014 and later won an award in the New England Better Newspaper competition, was the top vote-getter by a wide margin with 236 votes. A large canvas pigment print of boats in Lagoon Pond titled Lagoon Pond III by Alison Shaw took second place and Jeanna Shepard’s ethereal seascape titled Aquinnah came in third. Lanny McDowell’s shot of an osprey with a sea scup and Maria Thibodeau’s portrait of five Oak Bluffs police officers holding their babies completed the top five audience favorites.

Other photographers featured in the show were Ray Ewing, Albert O. Fischer, Mark Alan Lovewell, Alison L. Mead, Steve Myrick and Peter Simon.

Cathy Goudy was randomly chosen to receive a free subscription to the Vineyard Gazette from those participating in the audience choice contest.

Mr. Johnson said his winning photograph was taken in Aquinnah on a cold January day.

“After my daily errands I left for Philbin Beach for a photo walk,” he recalled. “There was not another person in sight. I noticed the clear lighting and the interesting wave patterns. As I walked on, I could see the wave splash on the beach boulders, and what looked like purple sanderlings repeatedly taking flight and landing. I rushed to the spot as fast as my big camera bag and bigger tripod allowed . . . the birds gave me a little time to focus and creep closer. On the last wavecrash, I was able to capture the scene.”

Ann Smith, executive director of Featherstone, said the Gazette exhibit drew record crowds to the Oak Bluffs arts center.

“What an incredible sight to see so many people taking a trip down memory lane with their loved ones,” she said. “I was especially moved by the number of families and friends — grandparents, children and grandchildren, multigenerational groups, interacting with each other, relaying stories and selecting their favorite images.”

Limited copies of Tim Johnson’s prize-winning photograph will be made available for purchase. Contact marketing@mvgazette.com.