July 9, 2020
Martha's Vineyard Hospital
New cases
Total cases to date
Total tests
TestMV (drive-through site)
New cases
Cases to date
Total tests
Symptomatic diagnoses
Off-Island tests
Total cases

Explanation of numbers

There are two Covid-19 testing sites on the Island: one at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital and one at the high school.

Martha’s Vineyard Hospital screens and tests patients who have symptoms of Covid-19 or are referred by a primary care physician. The test is conducted by a nurse at the hospital.

The high school drive-through site, known TestMV, offers free testing to residents and visitors to the Island and is intended for people without symptoms. The site uses a nasal swab test that is self-administered and observed by a licensed medical professional. To schedule a test, call 1-877-336-9855.

The Island boards of health keep track of other presumed cases of Covid-19 on the Island that have been diagnosed in one of the following ways: 1) the patient has a positive test for Covid-19 antibodies; 2) the patient has been diagnosed by a doctor based on symptoms; or 3) the patient tested positive for Covid-19 elsewhere.

Updated test numbers are provided by the Island boards of health every afternoon.

Individuals may be tested more than once to confirm illness, or in certain situations, to be released from isolation. This may result in a discrepancy between the number of positive tests and the total coronavirus case count, because the same individual can test positive twice.