New cases
Past 14 days
Active cases*
Total confirmed

New cases are the number of new positive tests for Covid-19 reported on the Island on the date specified. Only those cases that are reported by the Island boards of health are included.

Past 14 days are the number of new positive tests reported in the last 14 days. This number offers one indicator of how prevalent the virus is on the Island at a given time.

Active cases are the number of cases that were being actively followed by the Island boards of health as of the previous Friday. The number of active cases on the Island is constantly changing as new cases arise and others are resolved; this number is updated once a week.

Total confirmed cases are the cumulative number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 on the Island since the pandemic began. Additional cases diagnosed by the presence of viral antibodies or by symptoms are not included in this number.

More details about Martha's Vineyard cases, including the number of tests performed and the age and gender of patients, are available on the Island Health Care website.