Saturday, February 15, 2014

How do you create a cat? Start with makeup. That's what the cast and crew of Cats do before a showing of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, which opened Thursday night at the regional high school Performing Arts Center and continues through Sunday. There are more than 30 different feline characters in the show, each with its own personality — and its own makeup scheme. Some makeup can be done with just the help of a mirror, but in other cases, actors need a little help. Featured in the video are Kenon Veno (Alonzo), Sophie Nelson (Bombalurina), and Darby Patterson (Skimbleshanks), all sporting the handiwork of makeup artist Amanda Barbosa. Also included are Micheele de Geofroy (Victoria), Sam Permar (Munkustrap), Sarah Ortip-Sommers (Demeter), and Josh Boucher (Rum Tum Tugger).



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