Two Seized in Airport Mobil Break-in; After Search, Four Held on Drug Charges


A burglary investigation led Edgartown police to a house of drugs this week.

"There were more drugs in that house than at Triangle Pharmacy," said Edgartown police sergeant Ken Johnson, about a Plainfield Way home searched in connection with the burglary.

Police have arrested two men for the break-in at the Airport Mobil station, and four others on drug charges. They expect to make more arrests in the coming days, Sergeant Johnson said. Police are investigating whether any employees played a role in setting up the burglary.

Edgartown police received a call early Sunday morning saying Airport Mobil had been broken into. A dolly and some loose bills littered the parking lot, and the rear door of the convenience market had been broken. All told, the thieves got away with $20,000 in cash and $10,000 in checks and credit card receipts. The money has yet to be recovered, police said.

Two masked men - later identified as Daniel Look, 23, of Tisbury, and Dylan Osleeb, 17, of Edgartown - stole several cash drawers along with the station's safe. Mr. Look and Mr. Osleeb ejected the video tape from the private surveillance camera, but apparently forgot to take it with them when they fled the scene, said Sergeant Johnson.

Mr. Look and Mr. Osleeb stole a black Jeep Cherokee Saturday night from a house on Pennywise Path, police said. The stolen vehicle was later stashed in the Manuel F. Correllus State Forest, and the safe was found in Tisbury.

Police identified and located the two suspected burglars by Tuesday evening.

Two teams of officers, assisted by the Tisbury, Oak Bluffs and State police forces, searched houses in Edgartown and Vineyard Haven.

When Mr. Look arrived at his Dunham avenue house in Tisbury later that evening, accompanied by Mr. Osleeb, police were waiting to take them into custody. Police found items connected to the gas station break-in, along with bottles of the pain killer, Percocet. Robin Carberry, 18, of Edgartown, was arrested and charged with possession of this Class E drug.

In Edgartown, at Mr. Osleeb's residence at 29 Plainfield Way, police stumbled upon a house alive with drug activity. When police walked into the house, Craig Rozario, 26, of New Bedford, was smoking a joint of marijuana. Police also found mushrooms, cocaine, crack cocaine and an assortment of pills.

Mr. Rozario was charged with trafficking a class B drug (crack cocaine) and possession of a class D drug (marijuana). Derreck Coleman, 21, of Edgartown, was charged with trafficking a class B drug (cocaine) and receiving stolen property over $250. Nigel Smith, 21, of Edgartown, was arrested Wednesday night for trafficking a class D drug.

Sergeant Johnson did not quantify the amount of cocaine and crack cocaine; one must possess 18 grams to warrant a trafficking charge.

Police also recovered a 36-inch flat-screen television reportedly stolen from a house in Katama last December.

The Plainfield Way house has been a problem in Edgartown before. Neighbors complained to Edgartown selectmen in October of 2002 about "unsavory" tenants in the Plainfield Way house. That fall, police and firefighters responded to the house when a car had been set on fire at the property. The landlady, Limore Peretz, owns several properties in town that have posed noise and zoning problems for officials, according to police.

Both Mr. Osleeb and Mr. Look have been charged with larceny of a motor vehicle, trespassing, malicious destruction, breaking and entering at night, larceny from a building, larceny over $250, possession of burglar instruments, breaking and entering into a depository and conspiracy.