The Aquinnah Community Programs Committee will be sponsoring a flea market and bazaar on Sunday, Sept. 16 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the town hall. There will be vendors with antiques, artwork, books, clothing, collectibles, a giant free box, handcrafted items, jewelry, Native American arts and crafts, pottery, and a vast array of items for sale. Stop by and enjoy the fun and adventure throughout the day. For vendor space, please call Betty Joslow at 508-645-3340.

As you head for the bazaar, there will also be a gathering of antique automobiles, antique motorcycles, and other special motorized vehicles at Aquinnah Circle at 2 p.m.

The third annual Aquinnah Wampanoag Powwow was another marvelous day of Aquinnah cultural events including dance, drumming, singing, and a community effort. Tobias J. Vanderhoop attended with 300 of his closest friends from Harvard University graduate school. Most of the planning and organization of this year’s event was performed by those students who have since headed off to college or to private school and were unable to attend. There will be a small reward given to anyone with video footage of Jyl Manning as she ran into the dance ring to claim her prize while appearing as though she was seeking a spot with the National Football League.

Thank you to all involved who made the powwow another success for this year. Without such a community effort, it would not have been such a grand success. Thank you to the department of justice for assisting our tribe once again and for their grant to support those efforts for our tribal teens.

The Aquinnah Cultural Center will be featuring Dr. David Silverman on Saturday from 4 to 6 p.m. at the Vanderhoop Homestead at Aquinnah Circle. Dr. Silverman is the author of Faith and Boundaries, and will be available following his discussion for questions and answers as well as to autograph his book.

The Aquinnah Cultural Center will remain open through the month of September on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. for tours.

On Wednesday afternoon, the center received an award from the Martha’s Vineyard Preservation Trust for excellence in its historic restoration and for its value to the community.

Charles P. Madison, his wife Kassaundra of Philadelphia, and their friend Doreen Jones are spending their annual vacation in Aquinnah. They arrived in time to once again partake in the excitement of the powwow.

Don Ogilvie and his wife Fan of Seven Gates and Aquinnah are at their Pilots Landing home for the month of September.

Arlen Roth of Aquinnah Records will be performing in New York over the next two weeks. Arlen and his bride Maria were married on Aug. 14 in Aquinnah. Upon his return from this concert tour, they will then head off to their cross-country honeymoon with the first stop on their journey at Cuttyhunk. I recently enjoyed listening to Arlen and his daughter Lexie at Outerland: a show that should not have been missed and will certainly be on my to-do list for next year.

Matthew Scott, son of Francis Scott and Linda Garvin Scott, will be heading off to his freshman year studies at Dartmouth College over the weekend. Matthew is the first student to graduate from Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School to receive a Gates Millennium Scholarship and essentially will have his undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate studies covered for the next 10 years. Another wonderful success story for a child raised in Aquinnah.

All the best to Susie Lana Shea as she heads to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston this week for extensive orthopedic surgery on Monday. Susie will then go to Spaulding Rehab for further convalescence.

Tiffany Smalley, daughter of Jay and Millicent, departed on Saturday for her freshman year studies at Harvard University.

Carrie Anne Vanderhoop of Masset, British Columbia, arrived on Saturday for an extended stay with family and friends.

Emily Q. Vanderhoop has arrived home from Massachusetts General Hospital following an extensive stay with further surgery and medical care.

Micah Washington, son of Bettina Malonson Washington and her husband Michael, has returned to Marvelwood School in Connecticut after spending the summer with his Aquinnah families and friends.

Dawn Widdiss returned to Framingham on Tuesday after spending the past week and a half with her mother Gladys A. Widdiss and family.

Jesse Wiener, son of Jerry Wiener and Carolyn Feltz, has returned to Harvard University for his senior year.

Happy 43rd anniversary to Herb and Jane Slater as they celebrated their special day on Wednesday.

Happy third anniversary wishes to Jason Baird and his wife Jessie Little Doe as they celebrate on Sept. 18.

Happy eighth anniversary wishes to James and Nancy Benoit as they observe their special day on Sept. 18 and share the festivities of their day with their one-year-old daughter Laina.

Happy 20th anniversary wishes to Ted Howes and his wife Sarah Shafer as they celebrate on Sept. 19. It is anticipated that Ted will finally be off crutches after spending the summer on them.

Happy fifth anniversary wishes to Aquinnah Police Chief Randhi P. Belain and his wife Tiffany as they celebrate on Sept. 21.

Happy birthday wishes this week to Capt. Brian F. Vanderhoop of Conomo Charters as he celebrates on Sept. 15. Ona Ignacio Cameron will party on Sept. 16 and shares the day with Antone Matthew Araujo who will be two years old.

Naushon W. Galbraith will be 11 years old on Sept. 17 and shares the day with Paul Benedict, Penny Vanderhoop, Dan Levitt, and Jason Baird. Ruth Silvia VanBrakle will celebrate on Sept. 20 and shares the day with Laurie Burnett.