Friday, Sept. 14: Sunny morning. Clouds on the increase in the afternoon. Humid and cool. Clouds are dramatic in the late afternoon; a mix of cirrus clouds and cumulus clouds stretch across the western sky. Rain arrives late at night. Stormy night.

Saturday, Sept. 15: The Vineyard is soaked. Lawns in Vineyard Haven are soggy. Foggy morning. Clouds move overhead at a fast pace. Skies darken at 1 p.m., Squall line with gusting winds passes over the Island. The short strong wind gusts overwhelm a dozen racing gaff-rigged sailboats in Nantucket Sound. Soon after, fog lifts. Skies clear. Partly sunny skies in the late afternoon. Film festival fans walk a tranquil Main street in Vineyard Haven. The quiet air is disturbed by the arrival of a fast car with a boom box. Lights of boats flicker in the harbor. Ferry Island Home arrives.

Sunday, Sept. 16: Vineyard Haven harbor is calm. Cool. Winds increase from the northwest. Fair weather clouds over Nantucket Sound. Sailboats speed along in Edgartown harbor. Sunny. Topsail black hull schooner Shenandoah sits idle at its mooring in Vineyard Haven harbor at night.

Monday, Sept. 17: Chilly morning. Temperature starts in the mid-40s. Thick dew on the pumpkins in Edgartown. Fishermen line the jetty at the Big Bridge on the Oak Bluffs side of the channel.

Tuesday, Sept. 18: Sunny and warmer. Temperature gets to the 70s. Beach sand is dumped on Inkwell Beach in Oak Bluffs under clear skies. Choppy waves roll in from the north. Eelgrass wrackline on beach extends along the Oak Bluffs Beach. Star-filled night.

Wednesday, Sept. 19: Overcast morning. Soft gray blanket of clouds covers Vineyard Sound. Ferry Quickwater speeds alone across Nantucket Sound to Oak Bluffs from Falmouth. Light drizzle in the mist. Partly cloudy skies in the afternoon. South Summer street is quiet at twilight. Skies clear at night. Bustling activity on Circuit avenue at night. Irish music can be heard on Kennebec avenue, every time the ale house door opens.

Thursday, Sept. 20: Deep blue skies in the morning. Dry light southwest breeze. Sunshine sparkles on the water in Edgartown harbor. Sheets and colored clothes hang on an Edgartown clothes line. Bittersweet vines have yellow leaves on Clevelandtown Road.