The Aquinnah Community Programs Committee will sponsor a bazaar and flea market on Sunday, Sept. 30 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Aquinnah Wampanoag Tribal Building on Black Brook Road. A luncheon of bass chowder, sandwiches and beverages will be available. A table of interesting raffle items and a giant box of free items also will be there.

Vendors will offer a wonderful array of antiques, artwork, books, clothing, collectibles, handcrafted items, jewelry, knitted scarves, Native American arts, pottery, and wampum. Join in the fun and activities throughout the day.

A reminder that Juleann VanBelle, R.N. will be at the town hall on Friday, Oct. 5 from noon to 1 p.m. for all of your medical needs. She will be available to answer any questions, review your medications, blood pressure and pulse, and make referrals if necessary.

All the best to Tom and Sue Battiste as they head to Cape Breton this weekend for their new abode. They were so honored with gifts from the Vineyard at a luncheon on Tuesday with friends Pam Glavin, Ronald Jeffers, Carl Widdiss, and Henry Widdiss. Tom and Sue promise to return to Aquinnah soon to visit with their many friends from their many moons in Aquinnah.

All the best to Ezra Blair and his bride Kendra Read of Beach Plum Way following their wedding at the Mayhew home in Chilmark on Sept. 15. Ezra works with Martha and Nick Thorne with Island Water Systems while Kendra is the lab technician for the Wampanoag tribe and performs water testing for the Vineyard.

All the best to Jeffrey O. Day and Emily Sockabasin on their wedding day of Sept. 29 as they tie the knot in Chilmark at the Beach Plum Inn.

John Robey, son of Henry and Joanne Vanderhoop Robey, has been at his family home for the past few days while enjoying the warm weather in Aquinnah.

Dawn Widdiss returned to Framingham on Wednesday after a brief visit with her mother Gladys A. Widdiss. While here, they enjoyed the beach plumming.

Henry Widdiss arrived on Tuesday for an extended stay with family and friends in Aquinnah.

Happy third anniversary wishes to Kevin Sheehan and his wife Jennifer Butler as they celebrated on Sept. 25.

Happy 12th anniversary wishes to Captain Buddy Vanderhoop and his wife Lisa Bibko as they celebrate on Oct. 1.

Happy third anniversary wishes to Hollis Smith and his wife Robin Robinson as they celebrate on Oct. 2.

Happy 42nd anniversary wishes to Richard Duffy and his wife Karen Barker as they celebrate on Oct. 2.

Sarah Thulin observed a major milestone on Wednesday.

Edwin J. Vanderhoop will celebrate on Sept. 30 and has been visiting from his new home in Vermont.

Capt. Rick Lee will party on Oct. 1. Jade Slim will be 10 years old on Oct. 1 and shares the day with Grace Calla Vanderhoop who will be sweet 16. Trudy Vanderhoop Garvin will party on Oct. 3. Menasha Leport will be five years old on Oct. 4. Jane Lancellotti will observe her special day on Oct. 4.

Bill Kistner will observe his special day on Oct. 5 after spending a few days with his grandson Noah James Manning.