Friday, Sept. 28: Rain in the morning. Warm damp tropical air. Dark clouds break in the early afternoon. Skies clear at 4 o’clock. Edgartown harbor is serene. Fishing boats are adrift near Memorial Wharf. Sailboat heads out of the harbor. Starry skies at night.

Saturday, Sept. 29: Sunny. Clear and calm morning. Visitors gather at the agricultural society fair grounds for Antique Power Show under clear skies. Lawn is lush. Smoke from a hot boiler rises straight up. Steam engines rattle, squeak and squeal. High-flying cirrus decorate the western sky at sunset. Gibbous moon rises over Nantucket Sound. Fishermen move as dark silhouettes along State Beach in Edgartown.

Sunday, Sept. 30: Sunny. Veil passes over the brilliant sun in late morning. Fair-weather clouds pass to the south of the Island. Churchgoers in Edgartown walk along Main and South Summer streets. Roses bloom on a picket fence. Gardeners wearing shirtsleeves trim a tall hedge. Temperature in the 70s.

Monday, Oct. 1: Steamship Authority ferry Island Home arrives with a dent in its side under bright blue skies. Pigeons take flight as the ferry pulls into the slip. Old Smith house comes down easily in Edgartown, taken down by an excavator. Sunny morning. Fishermen line the beach at Edgartown lighthouse, and watch the swirling currents.

Tuesday, Oct. 2: Cool morning. A boat drifts in the moving currents off East Chop. An angler onboard stands at the stern and cast a lure into the rolling water. Southwest breeze. Cool. Hazy horizon. Fog in the morning. Freshly painted East Chop Lighthouse shines in the late afternoon sunlight, casts a long shadow across a sun-dried yellowed lawn.

Wednesday, Oct. 3: High school students await the bus on the Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road, amid drifting fog. Skies clear. Bright yellow leaves decorate the shore of Upper Lagoon Pond. Cormorants dry their wings on a floating raft in Lagoon Pond. Waters are still. Warm. Drizzle overnight in Vineyard Haven.

Thursday, Oct. 4: Foggy, hazy morning. The air is damp and in the mid-60s.