Friday, Oct. 5: Warm and mostly sunny. Temperature rises to the high 70s. Southwest wind picks up in the afternoon. Steady breeze by sunset. A thick bank of fog rolls in over Aquinnah and Chilmark in the early evening. Maritime damp, an evening of sipping hot cider.

Saturday, Oct. 6: Overcast in the morning. Breaks in the clouds over Seth’s Pond in West Tisbury. The pond is flat calm, light breeze above the treetops. Sunshine over Edgartown by noon, beach-going weather. Temperature rises to 80. Fog rolls in from South Beach and spreads across Edgartown. Overcast at night. Warm. Skies clear late. Stars shine over Harthaven. A blazing fire burns in a pit on a beach. Friends huddle together for songs. Clouds return at midnight.

Sunday, Oct. 7: An overcast foggy morning. Light drizzle. Skies are mostly overcast until late in the afternoon. The late afternoon sky is divided by an area of blue skies and dark retreating clouds. Sunshine arrives at Great Rock Bight, just before sunset. Gay Head Lighthouse flashes white and red.

Monday, Oct. 8: Much-needed rain arrives overnight. Skies are mostly overcast. Short periods of heavy rain.

Tuesday, Oct. 9: Windy overcast day. Sunshine. Old Navigator restaurant and bar comes down one timber at a time. Visitors stand and watch workmen. Breaks in the clouds bring brilliant sunshine to the waterfront. Corn stalks and pumpkins decorate the Morning Glory Farmstand. Youngsters roll the large pumpkins. High-flying cumulus clouds draw fast-moving shadows across the yellow and brown corn field.

Wednesday, Oct. 10: High school students await the bus at the Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road under cloudy skies. Light drizzle in the morning. Oyster farmers work on their rafts in Katama Bay under shifting cloud patterns and a passing mist. Large seas roar at Norton Point Beach. A big circus tent is raised at the Vineyard museum under gray threatening skies. Dark low altitude clouds drift over Edgartown and produce light drizzle. Breezy at night.

Thursday, Oct. 11: Light rain overnight. Drizzle. A cool light easterly salty breeze arrives off the water and brings a chill to downtown Edgartown. Autumnal.