Every time I see John Breckenridge jog by our house I think of stopping him to say thanks for something else he has done to improve our community. His latest efforts have involved Lincoln and Prospect Parks. Recently these parks received topsoil fill, and were seeded with a drought resistant fescue. The only thing John didn’t do was arrange for the three days of rain which came last week to jump start the growing process. The parks should have a new look by next summer.

The East Chop Light also has a new look. Over the last month, the structure has been painted inside and out, the windows replaced, a safety rail has been installed for the viewing deck, and the electric lines buried. This expensive and much needed restoration was accomplished because of the leadership of Craig Dripps. Craig raised the money ($140,000 through the town of Oak Bluffs Community Preservation Act), found the architect, and managed the construction process from start to completion.

It should be easy for me to stop Craig, and thank him. We live in the same house, but he is like the phoenix. If you happen to catch him, please tell him how well the lighthouse looks. He has worked tirelessly on the project, and has earned our unqualified thanks.

The family of Bill and Joan Ferris has a new face. They are proud to announce the marriage of their son William Taber Ferris 4th to Caroline Frost Rigby on Sept. 22 in Dedham. Will is the grandson of the late Mr. and Mrs. William Taber Ferris Jr. of Washington, New York and East Chop. Will’s sister, Lindley Ferris, was a bridesmaid. The newlyweds will honeymoon on Peter Island in November. In the meantime, each will continue their professional careers; Will as an internet marketing specialist and Caroline as a transportation planner.

Dick Sherman has a passion for flying and photography. Through experimentation, he has devised a process for allowing nature to create abstract art. The first step is to find an interesting bottom in shallow water, which he locates from his plane. He then flies over the spot at a low altitude, taking a picture with a zoom lens. After skilled use of cropping techniques, the picture is reproduced as giclee on canvas. The results are amazing. His work was on display last week at Featherstone.

Finally, have you ever considered the idea that what you see is defined by the setting in which it is viewed? When Samantha Potter rides her bike through the neighborhood, she looks like a 10 year old girl. On the tennis court, she gains five years. Because of this anomaly, I was not surprised to learn that Sam is now a ranked New England player. I have watched her play with her father Rob for the last five months. It’s exciting because I used to play with Rob when he was a young kid. I warn myself, however, not to get too sentimental. The last thing I want is for Sam to ask me to play with her. It’s no fun losing to girls!