The sunset, regrettably, is now taking place before 5:45 p.m. and is dropping faster each day and when daylight saving time ends on Nov. 4 we will plunge into darkness before 5 o‚clock and the fall season will be upon us. Old Jack Frost paid us a brief visit Monday morning to scout the area. He vows he will return shortly so everyone will see his calling card. Pumpkins now grace many front lawns and it is perhaps the last weekend to cut your lawn and then put your lawnmower away until spring. The leaves, with rare exception, are not as colorful as in past years. They will probably reach the peak of color this weekend.

A number of weddings were held last weekend in town. Maki Crum was married to Daniel Herbert. Maki, who is Japanese, wore a traditional kimono. About 60 people attended their ceremony and it was her parent’s first trip to the Vineyard. Davis Solon, of Panhandle Road and Gina Leonardi exchanged vows in a private ceremony under cedar trees on family land near Fort Moon. They are planning a larger celebration in the future. Nick Plante and Amanda Treadwell tied the knot on Sunday afternoon. They are from Kittery, Me.

Coco Brown, Aden Green and Wendy Gray of this town returned home earlier this week from Lake Champlain, Vt. The charter school rowing team competed there at a meet. Wendy is the coach.

Susan Arnold of Saranac Lake, N.Y., who was formerly a resident of this town for several years, arrived earlier this week to visit her sister. She was recently on the start-up team for a new cultural museum called the Wild Center. She will be here until tomorrow and says hi to everyone.

Mike and Betsey Joakim, of Skiff’s Lane, celebrated their youngest daughter’s first wedding anniversary at their home over the Columbus Day weekend. The hosts, their youngest son Matthew, Christine, her husband Craig Roth, and his parents Cheryl and John enjoyed the beautiful weather, Vineyard sights, and exceptional dining. The Lambert’s Cove Inn served as the romantic setting for everyone to enjoy dinner, followed by the traditional anniversary wedding cake.

Bob and Barbara Day, of Willow Tree Hollow, proudly report that they have a new grandchild in the family. Her name is Caroline Rose Blackwell Day and she was born 10 days ago in Danbury, Conn. Her parents are Tracy and Matthew Day of Bethel, Conn. Caroline joins her brothers, Jackson andGarrett. Bob and Barbara made their first visit to see Caroline last weekend and returned home on Tuesday. Needless to say they were very pleased.

Marian Irving, of Old County Road, reports that the church welcomed Rev. Terry Newberry back to the pulpit on Sunday after a three-week recuperative leave following surgery. After the Sunday service, members and friends gathered in the parish hall for brunch in honor of the choir and its director, Linda Berg. Seasonal church attendees, Ellen and Larry Cardwell, of Music street and Racine, Wisc. sent a special box of Danish pastries knownas kringles for the choir to enjoy! There was nary a crumb left on the plate.

Bob Lane, assistant principal over at the school reports that today through Saturday, Oct. 27, the eighth graders will host a group of 20 students and three adults from the Bridgewater High School in Warrington, England. Warrington is a town on the Cheshire midlands about halfway between Manchester and Liverpool. Each British student has been paired up with one of our eighth grade students and will live with that student and their family for the time they are here. While here, the British students will get an assortment of on-Island and off-Island experiences including a tour of the Island, a visit to the Martha’s Vineyard Museum in Edgartown, a Chappy dunes tour, a trip to Boston to walk the freedom trail, and a trip to Plimoth Plantation. The week will culminate with the traditional International Cup Challenge which is a soccer match between the two groups. The three adults will be staying with members of the school staff. In June of 2008 our students will travel to Warrington where the British students will host them as they return for 10 days on the second leg of the exchange. This is the 21st year of the British exchange which was started by visionary teacher Joel Weintraub back in 1986.

Bob respectfully requests that any equestrians whose horse drops manure on school grounds please return later with a shovel and pick up after their mounts. Not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, the school does appreciate the fertilizer but just not in the middle of the playground or parking lot. Feel free to throw it into the nearby woods. He also would appreciate it if golfers would find someplace other than the school grounds to practice their golf game. The fields already get a huge amount of use from the youth soccer program and other sports teams, and it is difficult enough to try to maintain the fields without the added stress of golf.

Old friend Lenny Jason died last week while we were in Florida. Our condolences to his wife Hilda and his family. Emily Magnuson died last Friday and services were held at the cemetery on Monday. Emily was a cook at the regional school for many years and also worked at the Home Port Restaurant. We offer our condolences to her family.

Linda Baughman, of Philadelphia and Music street had house guests; Frank Crean and his wife Susan Mcaninley, from her home town visit her this week. Linda gave them a tour of the Vineyard as this is their first trip here. Susan is a leader in the movement to prevent casinos from being established in the city of brotherly love.

Library director Beth Kramer reports that there will be a live jazz concert this afternoon at 4:30 p.m. in the library. All are welcome!

Marsha Winsryg reports that the African Artists’ Community Development Project will premier their documentary film titled Waging Peace in Zambia atthe Hebrew Center in Vineyard Haven on Nov. 3 at6:30 p.m. The event will take place from 6 to 8 p.m. There will be asilent auction of antique African ceremonial cloths, contemporary folkart and wall hangings. Zambian crafts will also b e on sale andhors d’oeuvres will be served. All are welcome. For questions contact Marsha at 508-693-4059.

On Oct. 21, 1946 The Grange held a husking bee and barn dance following their regular business meeting at the Agricultural Hall on Monday evening. The committee in charge of the event was Arnold and Pricilla Fischer, George and Lillian Magnuson, Harry West and Percy Burt. A host of local musicians performed at the dance, Mike and Leonard Athearn, Everett Whiting, Ernest Correllus, Stan Murphy, Artie Look and Gale Huntington. George Magnuson sang several songs. The hall was decorated with pumpkins and corn stalks and by all accounts it was a delightful and memorable evening.

Happy birthday to Bill Bennett, Bob Levine and Alice Murphy today, Linda Carnegie, Erich Luening and Ronnee Schultz tomorrow, Bob Doane, Mike Fontes, Ted Powell and Amy Hoff on Sunday, Victoria Phillips, Susan Silva and Katherine Stackpole on Monday, Roger Blake, Susanne Faraca and Dianne Rothwell on Tuesday, Ben DeForest, Betty Cottle and Shirley Wilcox on Wednesday, Carol Koury and Doreen Rezendes on Thursday. Belated Anniversary greetings to Peter and Karen Socorelis.

Well that is all of the social news for this week’s column. If you have any news please call or e-mail me. Have a great week.