Friday, Oct. 12: Mist in the morning. Anglers gather at the end of the Big Bridge jetty on the last full day of the derby. Choppy seas off East Chop.

Saturday, Oct. 13: Cool morning. Thick dew on the pumpkins at Morning Glory Farm. Cool over the Lagoon Pond. Golf enthusiasts gather at Farm Neck Golf Course under autumn sun, a light breeze on the fairway. Derby headquarters in Main street Edgartown is bustling with fishermen carrying the catch of the day. Derby ends under damp clear night sky. Stars.

Sunday, Oct. 14: Sunny. Fishing boat drags for bay scallops at the harbor entrance to Lagoon Pond Bridge. Gaff-rigged sailboat speeds off West Chop, amid shifting currents on the Middle Ground. Clear skies over Great Rock Bight, a lone sea gull hovers in the light breeze over the light surf and nearby cliffs. A wrackline of codium and eel grass lines the north shore. A pretty crimson sunset over Gay Head cliffs.

Monday, Oct. 15: Partly sunny skies. Fresh rye sprouts on an open field in Edgartown. Hazy sunshine over the water. False albacore are breaking in Edgartown harbor. Mooring float, boatless, motionless all along the harbor towards Katama Bay. Sunny.

Tuesday, Oct. 16: Cool morning on Menemsha Pond. Strong northerly breeze in the early morning, lightens. Afternoon is not much warmer. Changing foliage along the Menemsha Pond shoreline. Bright yellow bittersweet, red poison ivy and other ground shrubs.

Wednesday, Oct. 17: Cool morning. Temperature rises quickly. High flying cirrus clouds. Sengekontacket Pond is calm. Light and variable wind. Blue skies. Beach weather. Temperature in the 70s. Increasing west wind. Warm air settles over Vineyard Haven in the evening. Hazy skies. Setting moon passes through thickening clouds. Small birds stand on the Federated Church weathervane in the late afternoon. Mill Pond is flat calm, a mirror of the overhead violet and partly cloudy sky.

Thursday, Oct. 18: Overcast and damp. Temperature is warm. Light west southwest breeze. Stratus clouds darken in the late morning.