Polly Brown of Tisbury, a founder of the Spirit of the Vineyard Award, was herself honored with that award Saturday morning by her colleagues at Hospice of Martha’s Vineyard.

Hospice established the award a decade ago to honor volunteers who have given their time, talent and energy to a wide range of Vineyard charities over a long period of time.

More than 40 of her friends, including her brother, Daniel Putnam Brown Jr., gathered for a morning social and speeches at the Howes House in West Tisbury. The gathering was festive and the praise high.

“There is no one who deserves this award more,” said Hope Callen, a fellow Hospice volunteer and past board member. “You have served as president of Hospice and I think vice president at one point as well and obviously on the executive committee. Your organizational skills, clear thinking and intelligence have steadfastly lead Hospice to what it is today.

“But most of all you have been a Hospice volunteer: someone ready to help a person at the end of life or a family going through a difficult time,” Ms. Callen said.

Ms. Brown said she was thrilled to receive the award.

“I don’t deserve this. But I am in extremely good company,” Ms. Brown said.

Her community involvement goes beyond Hospice.

Ronald H. Rappaport, a lawyer based in Edgartown, reported on Ms. Brown’s involvement and leadership with the Committee for the Permanent Endowment Fund of Martha’s Vineyard, founded in 1982.

Mr. Rappaport credited her for quickly moving up in the leadership of that group of volunteers, following behind Jack Ware, the fund’s founder and first chairman. The organization gives money to organizations and people on the Island that might not otherwise get support from grants.

“It is our community fund,” he said of the endowment, which now has assets of $8.5 million and annual gifts totalling $200,000. Mr. Rappaport spoke of Ms. Brown’s tireless work behind the scenes, helping the fund grow in helping the Island.

Mr. Rappaport, who also has received the award, took note of those in the audience who were past recepients of the Spirit award, including Dorothy Bangs, Judy Williamson, Estelle Surprenant and Kerry Alley.

A brochure handed out at the the event listed Ms. Brown’s accomplishments and activities in the community, ranging from singing in the Island Community Chorus to delivering Meals on Wheels. She also is a life-long devoted sailor, having served as the commodore of the Vineyard Haven Yacht Club and on the board of the Vineyard Sailing Foundation.

Ms. Brown’s older brother, Mr. Putnam, a judge, also complimented his sister. He said she is typically understated about her quiet endeavors. Had more members of her family known about the significance of the award, he said more would have been there.