Surf breaks near home along Beach Road
during Saturday storm.
The remnants of hurricane Noel raced across the Vineyard on Saturday packing high winds and heavy rain, downing trees and power lines and flooding low lying coastal areas. Rainfall was heavy throughout the day; the National Weather Service Station in Edgartown recorded total rainfall of 2.48 inches. Wind gusts were clocked at 80 miles per hour at Tower Hill in the mid-afternoon. Ferry service to the two Islands was cancelled all day. Emergency crews, especially police, highway and NSTAR workers, worked throughout the day and into the night clearing roads and repairing downed power lines. No serious damage was reported, and since the storm hit on a Saturday with plenty of advance warning, Island residents for the most part hunkered down in their homes. By Sunday morning the fast-moving tropical storm had roared up to Nova Scotia.

A complete story about the Nov. 3 northeaster will appear in the Friday Gazette.