On Sunday, Nov. 11, children and their parents will bring homemade lanterns to gather at North Tabor Farm for the annual Lantern Walk. This is a seasonal festival celebrated by Waldorf communities, honoring ancient traditions of carrying light into the darkness of the coming winter.

Families assemble in the barn for a puppet show among the hay bales. Then lanterns are carefully lit and the procession begins. Out into the early night they go, on a circuit around a large field, lanterns glowing bravely under the stars. All return to circle around for a fire-lit sharing of snacks, songs and stories.

The Island Waldorf Community has kept up this simple but very satisfying celebration for many years. Children who attended its Plum Hill Preschool often bring their families and friends. But it also is a chance for all of us who face the cold and potential isolation of winter to overcome these with warmth, community and light.

Come join us with your lantern (it doesn’t have to be homemade) at North Tabor Farm, on North Road in Chilmark at 4 p.m. For information or directions, call Plum Hill School at 508-696-7701.