The Aquinnah Fire Department is still seeking a few strong people to join not only for the benefit of the department but for the Aquinnah community as a whole. Their services certainly would have been utilized on Saturday during the storm when everything was blowing around and transformers were at times arching and catching on fire. Our fire department is not well staffed at the present time and more volunteers need to be trained.

While dropping off some very old flares to Chief Delaney on Sunday morning, I found that the department has actually increased in size since the summer. We now have Simon Bollin, Stephen Gallas and Christian Soulanet as new members — welcome to all of them. However, there is still room for about 20 more volunteer firefighters for Aquinnah.

One of the most important aspects to the training would be to have a Firefighters II training session on the Vineyard. The commonwealth provides the training; we would just have to provide a meeting facility with capability for audiovisual equipment, and to provide food for the trainees and their trainer. It sounds like a great winter project and one that would provide training for many firefighters across the Vineyard. A central location could be arranged if enough volunteers were interested. Inform your fire chief of your thoughts on this, and let’s get started.

Those of you whose name remains on the Aquinnah roster but have not attended, please consider returning to your position and bring two of your friends to join so that we will have a full complement of services to cover our town.

Thank you to all who provided emergency services and for all of those that were on duty during the storm on Saturday. Chief Randhi Belain worked all day, assisted by officers Charles Chaparales and Ryan Maher, as well as Sgt. Paul Manning. Fire chief Walter Delaney, highway superintendent Forrest Alley, and all EMTs on call provided coverage throughout the day, and are always on call in Aquinnah.

Welcome to Aquinnah police officer James Neville who was appointed as a full-time police officer on Tuesday night as voted upon by the Aquinnah selectmen at the recommendation of Chief Belain. Officer Neville has resided on the Vineyard for the past 17 years and has worked in various capacities for the County of Dukes County and in emergency management. His services will be greatly appreciated — thank you and welcome.

Paul Benedict has departed for Manhattan for the winter months while fulfilling his acting career and performing in so many productions. As an alumnus of Suffolk University, his photograph recently appeared on the cover of their alumni publication.

Dan Leventritt also has departed for Manhattan where he also appears in many performances during the winter months.

Mrs. Evelyn Cohen and her nurse Mavis have decided to take up year-round residence at her home overlooking the ponds. They are both enjoying the serenity of Aquinnah, especially the autumn.

Lexie Roth, daughter of Arlen Roth, will return this weekend after spending the past week in Tuscany.

Emily Q. Vanderhoop has returned home from Massachusetts General Hospital. She is recuperating at the home of her grandmother, Anne Vanderhoop Madison.

The town health boards will sponsor an all-Island flu clinic on Monday, Nov. 12 from 9 a.m. to noon at the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School.

The Aquinnah Wampanoag natural resources department recently released 142 ring necked pheasant for your hunting pleasure. This has been a project for the past several years to reintroduce pheasant into the Aquinnah environment. There have not been too many instances where they have survived over the winter but I have heard of one instance where a mother and her little ones were found walking near West Basin. Other than that, most of them are hit by vehicles. Pheasant season will last until the Nov. 24 for your dining pleasure.

Please be mindful of our veterans who have served our country as we pause to reflect on their accomplishments and sacrifices on Veterans Day. In honor of our veterans, if you would like to make a donation to the American Legion Post 257 in Tisbury, checks may be mailed to 34 William street in Tisbury for the purchase of a new furnace for their building, which serves so many Vineyarders throughout the year.

Happy birthday wishes this week to our chief medicine man Luther T. Madison as he celebrates his special day today.

Wish Molly Cournoyer a very happy one as you head into the Chilmark branch of the Dukes County Savings Bank on Saturday. Martha H. Vanderhoop will party on the 11th. Sarah (Shafer) Howes will celebrate on Nov. 12. Lewis Colby parties on the 14th. Clare Ives will party on the 15th and shares the day with Brigelle Gibson.