Martha’s Vineyard junior varsity players, fully prepared to face the Nantucket junior varsity team this Saturday, were frustrated by a late cancellation from Nantucket. Citing a lack of numbers the Nantucket High School announced it would not be able to provide a competing team. “Obviously we’re not happy at all,” said Vineyard junior varsity coach Phil Hughes this week. “But it’s the way the cookie crumbles.” The players have been in regular training and have had several bonding engagements, such as team lunches and breakfasts as well as a trip to watch the girls’ soccer team this week, to prepare psychologically for the match. Mr. Hughes expects all 15 sophomore members of the junior varsity team will move up to varsity next year; but they will have to wait till next year to meet the Nantucket team in a match.

— Sam Bungey