Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank purchased property at Menemsha Pond in Aquinnah from Kenneth W. Murray for $7,116 on Sept. 21.

Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank purchased property at Menemsha Pond from Suzanne J. Murray for $7,116 on Oct. 1.

James F. O’Brien purchased property off Moshup Trail from Aerie Realty Trust and Katherine Keene Metell for $250,000 on Oct. 17.


John D. Freedman and Lisa M. Cohen purchased 16 Tilton Cove Way from Judith B. Herman for $3,909,500 on Aug. 29.

John Lee purchased 108 Hammett Road from David M. Lee for $1,950,000 on Aug. 30.

Jonathan Durst and Laurel Durst purchased 16 Davids Way from David Durst Fiduciary Trust and Jonathan Durst for $305,230 on Sept. 6.

Jonathan Durst purchased 18 Davids Way in Chilmark from David Durst Fiduciary Trust and Jonathan Durst for $341,711 on Sept. 6.

Carol B. Kenney and Jerome P. Kenney purchased property on The Kings Hightway from Frances Leventritt Estate and Edward Bengelsdorf for $600,000 on Sept. 13.

BHMV Property Company LLC purchased 74 North Road from 74 North Road LLC for $4,250,000 on Sept. 25.

Tysmark LLC purchased 22 Tysbury Manor Road from Morgan Realty Trust and Michael Soares for $2.3 million on Sept. 27.

Kerry J. Taylor and Stephen A. Taylor purchased 24 Sheep Hill Road from Fulling Mill Farm Corp for $1,750,000 on Oct. 10.

Laurence J. Star and Nancy Gross Star purchased 7 Huckleberry in Chilmark from Leslie S. Weiss for $1,340,000 on Oct. 15.


Plantingfield Way Nominee Trust and James F. Reynolds purchased 75 Plantingfield Way from JMMJ LLC for $15 million on Aug. 15.

Waterhaven Nominee Trust and Sean E. Murphy purchased 96 Beach Road from Peter O. Bettencourt and Priscilla S. Bettencourt for $3.4 million on Aug. 28.

Donna Appleyard purchased 50 Marthas Road from Eileen S. O’Connor and William P. O’Connor for $670,000 on Aug. 30.

Kyle B. Carson purchased 12 Enos avenue from Hope L. Overhoff for $3,000 on Sept. 10.

Linda E. Gosselin and Raymond J. Gosselin purchased 2 Hye Road from Barjenel Realty Trust and Albert K. Jamgochian for $825,000 on Sept. 10.

Atlantic Shore Builders LLC purchased 98 Herring Creek Road from Estelle T. Burnham Trust and Arthur D. Honig for $1,250,000 on Sept. 11.

Carol Hillenbrand and M. Roch Hillenbrand purchased 121 Peases Point Way North from G. Stephen Debrule and Molly R. Debrule for $4.3 million on Sept. 11.

Iris C. Freeman and Warren D. Woessner purchased 26 Meetinghouse Way from Robin J. Davies and William J. Davies for $2.2 million on Sept. 11.

Ralph Peckham purchased 69 Saddle Club Road from Gail C. Brochu for $532,000 on Sept. 11.

Maureen R. Rice and William E. Rice purchased 29 Knoll Drive from Courty I LLC for $1,527,000 on Sept. 12.

Thomas E. Lankiewicz and Wyman J. Shaw purchased 28 Woohaven Drive from Kathleen Jordan and Steven C. Jordan for $437,000 on Sept. 12.

Christine A. Alaimo and Joel G. Beckman purchased 1 Calebs Common Lane from Carroll O’Brien-Lane and Theodore Gibbs Kane for $610,000 on Sept. 13.

Isabaltic Limited purchased 103 Chappaquiddick Road in Edgartown from Lokee Nominee Trust and Merritt FT Generation Ski for $3.1 million on Sept. 17.

William K. Schofield purchased 4 Waqua avenue from Timothy A. Hines for $251,000 on Sept. 18.

Christina M. Seiler and Gregory R. Seiler purchased 32 Flamingo Drive from Edward L. Thomas and Michelle R. Thomas for $795,000 on Sept. 20.

Lisa C. Belcastro Real Estate Trust and Lisa C. Belcastro purchased 1 Flamingo Drive from Constantine B. O’Doherty for $950,000 on Sept. 21.

Nancy L. Holt purchased 16 6th street from David B. Anderson and Mildred Anderson for $498,000 on Sept. 21.

John P. O’Connell and Kelly L. O’Connell purchased 9 Crafts Field Way from Karen M. Powers and Martin C. Powers for $599,000 on Sept. 24.

Ernest Daman purchased 19 Plantingfield Wood Circle from Dorothy L. Daman for $275,000 on Sept. 27.

Marc A. Crisafulli purchased 15 Thaxter Lane from Louise M. Hensey and William P. Hensey for $1,450,000 on Sept. 28.

Francis J. Pickett and Frank J. Pickett purchased 15 Marthas Road from John E. Quattrocchi and Sandra I. Quattrocchi for $24,392 on Oct. 2.

Cheryl A. Kelley and Thomas R. Kelley purchased 5 Westminster Court from Geoffrey P. Tolmei and Sandra E. Peruffo for $500,000 on Oct. 5.

David B. Murphy purchased 12 Caleb Pond Lane from Liliane Z. Radford and Michael J. Messina for $5 million on Oct. 5.

Eileen J. Buckham and James W. Buckham purchased 3 Meetinghouse Circle from Donna M. Hall and Peter Horan for $625,000 on Oct. 5.

Jeffrey L. Gendell and Martha Powers Gendell purchased 115 North Water street from Edgartown Harbor Nominee Trust and Catherine B. Fenn for $8,675,000 on Oct. 5.

Linda S. Purvis and Michael B. Purvis purchased 8 Swan Neck Road from Edith S. Lodi and Paul B. Lodi for $2,483,750 on Oct. 5.

Corey B. Rabin purchased 37 Pocha Road from Sheldon P. Baron for $859,900 on Oct. 10.

Michael L. Stock purchased 90 Schoolhouse Road from Joyce A. Eriksen and William C. Eriksen for $542,500 on Oct. 11.

Peter K. Behnke purchased 8 Pierce Lane from Patricia E. Shakshober and Sandra J. Ormerod for $980,000 on Oct. 12.

Kathleen T. Gardner and Richard E. Whitehead purchased 29 Dark Woods Road from Brian Navarro for $495,000 on Oct. 17.

Alex Alexander purchased 222 Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road from Elizabeth T. Silva for $425,000 on Oct. 18.

Oak Bluffs

Daniel J. Kidwell purchased 20 Wood Duck Way from Franklin B. Mead and Penelope Bragonier for $1.6 million on Aug. 22.

Rene A. Jackson and Ronald E. Jackson purchased 17 Spruce avenue from Patricia A. Connelly and R J. Connelly for $435,000 on Aug. 24.

Conrad Hipkins purchased 5 Maple avenue from Eunice Carey for $125,000 on Aug. 28.

Michael M. Chapman Realty Trust and Michael C. Chapman purchased 41 Dudley avenue from Carol Chew Chapman for $120,000 on Aug. 29.

Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank purchased property on Wapatequa Road from Peggy Largey for $1,875 on Aug. 29.

7 Hills Community Services purchased 46 Linton avenue in Oak Bluffs from David D. Lambert and Dorothy A. Fisher for $88,450 on Sept. 4.

Constantine B. O’Doherty purchased 94 Marthas Road from Diane J. Decosta and Diane J. Digiovanni for $305,000 on Sept. 13.

Barry A. Solomon and Catherine A. Solomon purchased 48 Mill street from Ann Macy-Taylor for $1,035,000 on Sept. 14.

Bart M. Schwartz and Cheryl M. Schwartz purchased 78 South Summer street from John O’Connell and Kelly O’Connell for $2,075,000 on Sept. 14.

New Falls Corp. purchased 39 Gull Landing from Anne E. Dehertogh Estate and John J. O’Neil for $159,000 on Sept. 13.

Courtenay M. Griffin purchased 29 Bridle Path Road from James G. Rankin and Marjorie P. Convery for $778,000 on Sept. 14.

Judith Seelig and Richard Seelig purchased 57 Pennacook avenue from Caroline Smith and Caroline White for $437,375 on Sept. 14.

Crystal F. Gaines and Ludwig P. Gaines purchased 15 South Meadow Lane from Eric B. Nyquist and Jennifer B. Nyquist for $495,000 on Sept. 19.

Patricia A. Connelly and R.J. Connelly purchased 39 Chickawaukee street from Salley S. Churm Estate and Peter F. Churm for $528,500 on Sept. 21.

Brian P. Cox and Danielle J. Cox purchased 11 Gorham avenue from Rodney S. Ward for $515,000 on Sept. 27.

Donna Rose Bouchard purchased 16 Forest avenue from Rose M. Ciriello Trust and Judith E. Hoff for $400,000 on Sept. 27.

Greenpoint Mortgage Fund Inc. purchased 20 Hudson avenue from Christian C. Darcy and MERS for $429,807 on Oct. 4.

Donna P. Potts purchased 46 Towanticut street from Dianne L. Wilson and Thomas E. Wilson for $555,000 on Oct. 5.

Anne M. Brownell and Christine Isherwood purchased 24 Netock avenue from Barry Arthur Bissaillon for $405,000 on Oct. 11.

Jean T. Barbey Real Estate Trust and Charlotte L. Barbey purchased 459 Barnes Road from Sarah B. Spurr for $729,440 on Oct. 19.


John J. Kerr and Nora Wren Kerr purchased 30 Owen Park Way from Julia Norman for $2.7 million on Aug. 20.

D. Alexandra Cook purchased 5 Village Court, Number 3 from Seth H. Mosler for $220,000 on Aug. 21.

Andrea Falgout-Hirt and John T. Hirt purchased 150A State Road from Island Housing Trust Corp. for $208,000 on Aug. 24.

David L. Cohen and Rhonda R. Cohen purchased 120 Chappaquonsett Road from WG Realty Trust and Robert N. Wheeler for $2.3 million on Sept. 12.

Eric A. Pogue and Esther S. Arnold purchased 334 Main street from Sue Bailey for $1,250,000 on Sept. 14.

George R. Medeiros and Jennifer L. Medeiros purchased Wind Chime Lane Number 2 from Wind Chime Lane Trust and Richard S. Dubin for $270,000 on Sept. 14.

JGFC LLC purchased 31 Hatch Road from Clyde E. Griffin and C. McKinley-Griffin for $1,150,000 on Sept. 14.

John P. Corrado and Julia Ann Corrado purchased 70 Franklin Terrace from Allan H. Goldberg and Barbara J. Goldberg for $438,000 on Sept. 14.

Louis W. Piacentini purchased 60 Beach Road, Number 223 from Christina Murphy and Sean Murphy for $69,000 on Sept. 14.

Rosemary E. Nelson purchased 715 Main street from Lucy B. Myers Realty Trust and Mahala B. Bishop Vineyard for $2,725,000 on Sept. 17.

Lucy B. Myers purchased 23 Pine Tree Lane from John A. Amabile and John Amabile for $810,000 on Sept. 25.

Judith H. Miller and Roland M. Miller purchased 256 Sandpiper Lane, Number 11 from David D. Pendergast for $625,000 on Sept. 28.

Roccos LLC purchased 79 Beach Road, Number B13 from 4 CS Lagoon Inc. for $700,000 on Sept. 28.

Andrew R. Bradshaw and Kristen E. Bradshaw purchased 204 State Road from Theodore A. Saulnier for $398,500 on Oct. 1.

Barbara Bick and Jennifer Myers-Bick purchased 66 Stonegate Lane from Patricia Maciel and Raymond Maciel for $1,240,000 on Oct. 2.

Glenn J. Stalgren and Julia C. Stunkel purchased 24 Alyssa Lane from Valerie C. Richards for $594,000 on Oct. 5.

West Tisbury

Barbara A. Silk and Susan L. Silk purchased 36 Hidden Village Road from Katherine Faust-Luongo for $500,000 on Aug. 23.

Peter O. Bettencourt and Priscilla S. Bettencourt purchased 243 Pond Road from Penzance Realty LLC for $2.2 million on Sept. 5.

Charles Neck Way Realty Trust and Richard S. Dubin purchased 149 Charles Neck Way from White Fence Farms Trust and Betty J. Boldt for $345,000 on Sept. 10.

Michael Adell and Rise J. Terney purchased 47 Red Farm Road from Gretchen S. Macarthur and John D. Macarthur for $1.5 million on Sept. 14.

Jill Shaw Ruddock purchased 229 Pond Road from Ceth Realty Trust and Karen M. Stabile for $1,925,000 on Sept. 21.

Diana Damelio and Jill Fisher purchased 16 Rock Pond Road from Hudson Realty Trust and Martha F. Hudson for $548,000 on Oct. 1.

Grey Realty Trust and Jean H. Krasnow purchased 41 West Farm Road from David G. Knauf for $585,000 on Oct. 5.

20 Anthiers Lane Trust and David L. Hart purchased 12 Rock Pond Road from Shirley Sapin for $535,000 on Oct. 15.