West Tisbury neighbors who have been sparring for six months over the noise levels of crowing roosters have agreed to mediate their dispute.

The town zoning board of appeals has granted the Lambert’s Cove neighbors an extension until Jan. 30 to reach an accord.

Kathy and Tom Harris, who lodged the noise complaint last summer, were joined in the mediation effort by Kurt Freund, whose neighboring Mill Stone Lane property has housed the roosters. Dyan Redik, Mr. Freund’s fiancee, owns the roosters.

The Harrises appealed to the zoning board following building inspector Ernest P. Mendenhall’s ruling that the roosters are allowed under town bylaws. The Harrises have also filed a civil complaint against Mr. Freund.

The Harrises filed their noise complaint on July 3 after they hired a sound expert to measure the decibel levels of the roosters crowing next door. They also claimed violations of state environmental laws, but the state Environmental Protection Agency declined to take the case.