Mother Nature once again is playing with us. We have had great temperatures but this weekend we will be covered by Arctic air. One thing is sure: the Patriots can play in any weather.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Victoria Sadowski, who celebrated her day on Jan. 13; Kyle Rollins, who celebrated on Jan. 15; and Andrew Fournier, Austin Fournier, Elias Gundersen, and James Murray, who all celebrated their day Jan. 16.

Special wishes go out to Tina Cavallo. Tina, whose name is Clementina Cavallo, will celebrate her 90th birthday on Jan. 20. Therefore I am dedicating this column to her as she has been a big part of our family life.

Tina, or Teeny as she is lovingly known, would bring her boys John, Gino, Robert (also known as Coo), and Ronald (also known as Puppy) for the summer from New York. My husband Ralph in those younger days would know that they would be arriving soon and would sit on the steps of the house they rented every year and wait till the car arrived in the driveway. Once Coo was out of the car the two would disappear. They would go fishing, play baseball, or whatever. They were together for the whole summer, even watching movies. As I understand it, the Pink Panther with Peter Sellers was a favorite movie.

I don’t know how Coo got his name, but I know that Puppy was born in a hurricane and when Tina brought him home Coo looked at him and said he would rather have a puppy. Hence the name and it stuck all these years.

Tina would take all the boys to the beach, be it State Beach or the real favorite, Chappy beach.

The Cavallo family would always follow tradition. Their father, John (also known as The Tiger) would be working all week in New York, but on Sunday he always found his way to the Vineyard to have Sunday dinner.

Tina’s favorite story is when Ralph’s pet sheep was sick. Nini was a family pet, was housebroken and slept in the blue chair until Ralph’s dad came home and kicked her out. Nini got sick one day and things did not look good for the sheep. So while the family had to make a hard decision Tina rocked Ralph on her front porch and explained to him why Nini had to go to heaven. I don’t know who needed the talk more, Tina or Ralph, but they both comforted each other for a long time.

Tina still lives in her house with the watchful care of her family. She is still active in the Edgartown Mothers Club and loves to go out to visit her friends.

Ralph and I are honored and proud to have her as a part of our lives and her family will always be a big part of our lives. Happy birthday, Tina, we love you and here is to many more.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.