Martha’s Vineyard Public Charter School next week will participate in the largest teach-in in history — Focus The Nation, an unprecedented study of global warming solutions.

“Critical decisions need to be made on global warming . . . the youth who will inherit the crisis need serious education on the issue,” said James Speth, dean of Yale school of forestry and environmental studies.

The teach-in kicks off Wednesday night with a Webcast with actor Edward Norton and Stanford climate scientist Steve Schneider among the panelists.

Thursday features global warming curricula presented by faculty and guest speakers, culminating in the Green Democracy round-table discussion between students and elected leaders.

The final part is the Choose Your Future vote, where students can vote on the top five solutions, from a list at

“We are thrilled to be a part of this initiative,” says Sam Berlow of the charter school’s board of trustees. “It represents the enormous power that youth have when they use their education to create positive change.”