Well, we expected it . . . January couldn’t leave us without a winter storm with snow and wind. Some in town also had the season’s first power outage, lasting about 2 1/2 hours. However, the rains that came later in the week dispatched much of the snow, so what white stuff remains is only scenic.

The Chilmark library meeting room was overflowing on Wednesday evening with folks eager to watch the 16-millimeter documentary movie called the Lonely Dory Fishermen. The film about the Portuguese dory fishermen was made in the 1960s by the National Geographic Society and it was not easy to find. Our harbor master, Dennis Jason, recommended it to the library director and they searched for it . . . finally finding a copy at the Boston library. It was a stirring and informative film and many hope to see it again. Thanks to all who made the effort to bring it to us.

Congratulations to Ozzie and Rene Fischer who celebrated their 68th wedding anniversary last Friday at their home at Beetlebung Corner. Cheers!

Colin Ruel is on a musical tour of England playing his own music. He is traveling with fellow musicians Nina Violet and Sam Mason who also are performing. Colin is the son of Barbara Armstrong of Menemsha.

Max and Connie McCreary are at their home on Abel’s Hill after a trip to Florida for family reunions.

Conrad and Jane Neumann of Durham and Chilmark are arriving Saturday for a 10-day visit with family and friends.

The soup suppers continue at the Chilmark church on Tuesday evenings from 5 to 6 p.m. and are open to all.