Vineyard Voters Back Obama, Romney in State Primary

Bucking the state trend on Tuesday, Vineyard voters squarely backed Sen. Barack Obama with 55 per cent of the 5,288 Democrat votes cast, while Sen. Hillary Clinton picked up 40 per cent. The result is a mirror image of Massachusetts numbers which put Senator Clinton at 56 per cent and Senator Obama at 41 per cent.

Every town on the Vineyard went for Obama, but it was not a county sweep: Gosnold, which is the seventh town in Dukes County, split 9-9 between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on the Democratic ticket.

In the Republican field results for the six towns, together with Gosnold, were in line with the state as a whole. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney captured 46 per cent, John McCain had 42 per cent and Gov. Mike Huckabee took 5 per cent of the Republican vote.

Dukes County’s Democratic leaning was reflected in the vote which processed just 1,328 Republican ballots.

High voter turnouts were reported by all towns.

A complete story about the Vineyard primary results will appear in the Friday Gazette.