Charter School

Monday, Feb. 11: Macaroni and cheese, broccoli, peaches and milk.

Tuesday, Feb. 12: Carrot ginger soup, sunflower butter and jelly sandwich, fruit smoothie and milk.

Wednesday, Feb. 13: Calzones: sausage and pepper, ham and cheese or spinach and feta, bean salad, pineapple and milk.

Thursday, Feb. 14: Pizza: plain cheese, pepperoni or roasted vegetable, tossed salad, fresh fruit and milk.

Friday, Feb. 15: Beef or bean burrito, lettuce and tomato, salsa, apple sauce and milk.


Monday, Feb. 11: Cheese pizza, sausage pizza, tossed salad, broccoli, salad, mixed fruit and milk.

Tuesday, Feb. 12: Shepherd’s pie, barbecue chicken, garlic noodles, carrots, tossed salad, applesauce, cake and milk.

Wednesday, Feb. 13: Turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, winter squash, corn, bread stuffing, cranberry sauce, apple pie.

Thursday, Feb. 14: Macaroni and cheese, chicken and rice soup, peanut butter and jelly sandwich,tossed salad, mixed vegetables, peach cobbler and milk.

Friday, Feb. 15: Meatball sub or chicken sandwich, French fries, tossed salad, carrot sticks, oatmeal cookies.

High School, Chilmark, West Tisbury

Monday, Feb. 11: Cheeseburger on a whole wheat roll or turkey and cheese on a whole wheat bun with potato puffs, peas and an apple, chicken noodle soup.

Tuesday, Feb. 12: Turkey or ham and cheese roll-up with vegetables, mashed potatoes and peaches or salad plate or fruit salad plate, corn chowder.

Wednesday, Feb. 13: Cheese pizza or bologna and cheese on a wheat roll with tossed salad, corn and a M& M cookie or chicken salad plate or fruit salad plate, Mexican lime soup.

Thursday, Feb. 14: Chicken parmesan or Mexican taco wrap with green beans, rotini with tomato sauce, orange or tuna salad plate or fruit salad plate, white bean and pork soup.

Friday, Feb. 15: Chicken nuggets or Italian wrap with potato puffs, corn, pineapple or buffalo chicken salad or fruit plate, chicken and rice soup.

Oak Bluffs

Monday, Feb. 11: Chicken Caesar salad, whole wheat roll, minestrone soup, orange, milk.

Tuesday, Feb. 12: Sweet and sour pork, vegetable fried rice, fortune cookie, pineapple, milk.

Wednesday, Feb. 13: Cheese or whole wheat pizza, garden salad, fresh fruit, milk.

Thursday, Feb. 14: Beef Stroganoff, corn, cucumber and tomato salad, peaches, milk.

Friday, Feb. 15: Tuna and cheese on whole wheat wrap, corn chowder, vegetable sticks, apple, milk.

Tisbury School

Monday, Feb. 11: Tuna rolls, chips, celery sticks, apples and raisins, juice or milk.

Tuesday, Feb. 12: American chop suey, rolls, tossed salad, Jell-O, milk.

Wednesday, Feb. 13: Ratatouille pasta, shredded lettuce, rolls, pineapples, juice or milk.

Thursday, Feb. 14: Valentine lunch.

Friday, Feb. 15: Hot dog on a bun, chowder, tossed salad, mixed fruit, chocolate milk.