As I walked to my car Monday, I noticed some purple in my side garden. Figuring the color came from crocuses, I moved the leaves to find my dwarf irises blooming. I hope this means an early spring, but who knows?

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Samuel Benjamin and Kelsey Friske who celebrated on March 1, Kyle Hathaway on March 2, Madison Lopez-Mata on March 3, Sabrina Carlos on March 4, Sabrina Barry on March 6, and Carlos Kuniski who celebrates his day today, March 7.

We wish Jean Bryant a speedy recovery following surgery at Massachusetts General in Boston.

School vacation was a busy time for some and some people did a lot of traveling.

Jim and Mary Ellen Kresel spent a few days in Dublin, Ireland. Dublin Castle, Malahide Castle, the Guinness factory, and the Kilmainham Gaol were some of their favorite things. The Kresels are looking forward to returning to Ireland with Jim’s sister and her husband in the future.

Tony and Erika Bettencourt and their children Kassidy, Megan and Annie were in Florida along with the whole DaRosa family for their annual Disney trip. That also included of course Chris and Liza Dolby and their children Ellie and Caroline.

People often ask what it is like living next to the school. I have to say where I am laid off for the winter, I notice all the activities in the morning. Our dogs, especially Harry, has the schedule down pat as the children walk by. There is one little boy who walks by slowly and waves as Harry is scratching at the door. Then Pat Waller walks over with her day-care children to drop older siblings off and they make a game out of trying to fool Harry by hiding behind the stone wall. This all happens between 8:05 and 8:10 a.m. Then it is repeated in the afternoon. So last week we were all thrown off as no one passed by.

Every Sunday, my husband Ralph and I do his morning routine, which is to stop for coffee at the Depot Market and then check out the town. Given that town is so deserted in the winter, you notice when things start to move. The one thing that is really moving is the Navigator. They are on a mission and they are making great progress.

We then go down to Memorial Wharf and then up and down North Water street, where I am beginning to wonder if it will ever be done. We go and check out the Smith house on South Summer and High streets. We then go to the old Grant Brothers pit and we are amazed every weekend the progress they are making there. If you haven’t been by there, you should go. On the sides of the pit, you can see the things that were dug up from all the years they were there. Then down to Katama to check the opening which seems to have moved toward Chappy. It is amazing how many people you meet at the landing either looking at the opening or enjoying the scenery as they read their Sunday paper. Then around Atlantic drive and around the corner to check out the creek to see if there are any birds there and then home.

It is a great routine. You never know what is going to change and whom you are going to see.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.