It is with great sadness that I send condolences from all of us to the family and friends of my friend, Virginia Poole, who died on March 5 at the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital. She was an amazing spirit who filled every room with her presence and delighted us all with her humor and her enthusiasm for almost everything in life. Her life was colored by her talent in all things theatre and enlivened by her love of, among recent things, talking party politics. Her good nature and positive attitude throughout her debilitating illness was an inspiration to us all. She will be very much missed Islandwide.

Congratulations to Bruce and Marcy Slater of North Road who welcomed their first grandchild on March 4. Sasha was born to the Slaters’ daughter, Anne, and Jacques Lucchesi of Somerville. The proud grandparents have already visited Sasha and look forward to introducing her to their Vineyard friends soon.

Marcy Slater wishes to thank all her friends who have so kindly sent good wishes to her at this time of ill health for her. We all join in sending her best wishes for a quick recovery.

Judy Jardin is happy to tell us that her son in law, Bo Hornbuckle, is back in the United States after completing his fifth tour of duty in the Middle East, most recently in Afghanistan. Bo is a commander in the U.S. Navy and a pilot. He has joined his wife, Jackie and two daughters, Ruthie and Isobel, in Leonardtown, Md. The family now is enjoying a Florida vacation. They hope to visit Chilmark this summer. Bo wants to thank all the students at the Chilmark School who sent him a care package that he was able to share with his fellow servicemen in Afghanistan.

Many Chilmarkers are settling in again after their winter vacations to sunny lands. Louis and Mary Larsen are home from Florida; David and Fran Flanders are back from Hawaii; Annette Anthony visited Costa Rica; Scott McDowell is home from Hawaii; and I am sure there are many more. You can spot them by their tans.

If you haven’t done your taxes yet, you can pick up the forms at the library this year. They are available at the desk.

How many people, you ask, want to cook with preserved lemons? Some 45 people turned out to hear Jan Buhrman’s recipes at the library on Thursday evening. There were some good samples to try and some challenging recipes to take home.

The library will show a movie next Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. featuring the coastal picket patrol and its role in protecting the U.S. coast during World War II. All are welcome and there is no charge.

Today, Friday, March 14, is the first day of the Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival’s programs, which begin at 6 p.m. The community center is hosting most of the programs with doors opening at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday and at 11 a.m. on Sunday. Children’s films will be shown in the meeting room of the library on Saturday and Sunday.