On Tuesday, Ms. Parrot lost her chickens. That may sound like a title for a new children’s book, but it was very much a minor crisis in the domestic life of Margot Parrot who, along with her husband, Bob Osborne, will be opening the new store, Shibori, in the space that for years housed Island Music.

If you’ve walked or driven by recently, you will have seen in the window colorful hand-dyed apparel, some with fleece jackets designed by daughter, Chrysal (yes, Chrysal, with no “t.” The “t” belongs to Margot but, as is common usage with that name, the “t” is silent; neither mother nor daughter, in other words, are in valid possession of a “t.”)

But back to the chickens. Margot and Bob live in West Tisbury, the chicken capital of the island (you’ll recall the flap of last spring when a West Tis resident tried to invoke suburban etiquette against early morning rooster ululations). Margot has two hens as egg-laying pets. Their names are Lunch and Dinner, though, mercifully, they will never end up on a plate. (A sibling, Breakfast, was eaten by a racoon).

In the past, Lunch and Dinner were content to peck about the yard and follow Margot on her appointed rounds in the garden, but on Tuesday they wandered off to see what the bigger world had to offer. Margot hunted high and low for them. When she finally found them, she hooked Lunch under her arm, while Dinner toddled behind for the trek home.

Margot is also, because everyone on the Vineyard needs a minimum of three occupations, a lawyer. This could come in handy if any of her neighbors object to her recent acquisition of more chickens. They arrived by overnight shipment — a whole flock of fancy baby chicks, 27of them to be exact — and they’re happily and warmly ensconced in the Parrot/Osborne downstairs bathroom. “I can’t tell yet which are boys and which are girls, but soon that should be readily apparent,” Margo says.

Today, Friday, March 21 from 5 to 7 p.m., Margot and Bob’s store, Shibori, will host an opening party at 47 Circuit avenue. If you’d like to check out original clothing and art by the Parrot/Osbornes, or say hello to your new neighbors, or discuss adoption of baby hens and roosters, do drop in.

On the hard news front, at the Oak Bluffs School on Monday, March 24 from 6 to 7:30 p.m., a chat and chowder event will be held, sponsored by the Martha’s Vineyard Youth Task Force, to discuss survey results regarding teenage drug and alcohol abuse. Oak Bluffs students participated in the survey this past winter.

Now this sounds juicy: At the Oak Bluffs library on Thursday, March 27 at 6 p.m., Dr. Patrick MacManaway, holistic therapist, author, and president of the British Society of Dowsers, will present a slideshow and talk about how the places in which we live and work affect our level of energy, mood and attitude. Questions and answers will follow and refreshments will be served.