The osprey have arrived — Bettina Malonson Washington photographed a pair at Lobsterville on Monday. While there, she was also delighted to get a close-up photograph of a rather plump grey seal. Just some of the first signs of spring in Aquinnah which will soon be followed by the blossoming of the shad, the running of the herring, and the buds of the mayflowers.

Gary Zwicky and his wife, Elaine, accompanied by their companions Atzik and Lisa, welcomed the arrival of spring at the Cliffs on Friday, Mayan-style. The fierce winds were a physical challenge and probably spared the neighbors from the racket created by their drumming and blowing of one of Atzik’s conch-shell bugles and his highly decorated double shofar. Atzik also plays the violin and has orchestral experience including 10 years with the Mexico City Symphony. Lisa reportedly has a fine voice. Gary and Elaine report their new companions are both great cooks.

While getting in the mood for spring, please mark your calendars for Sunday, April 27, for the annual Aquinnah Wampanoag Spring Social. There will be a pot-luck luncheon from noon to 5 p.m. Following lunch there will be dancing, drumming and singing for all to participate in and enjoy. The entire Vineyard community is welcome to attend — please bring your favorite dish to share. The VTA buses stop at the Tribal Building for your traveling convenience. The Aquinnah Youth Group will be hosting youth groups from the Eastern Pequot, Mashantucket Pequot, Mashpee, Mohegan and Narragansett Tribes for a weekend of fun.

Nan Doty would like to remind everyone that on Saturday, March 29, from 8 to 9 p.m., you are asked to light some candles and turn out your lights. Please join Islanders in raising awareness about energy conservation during Lights Out Martha’s Vineyard. Have fun with a candlelight dinner, beach clean-up, or bring your flashlights to Felix Neck Wildlife Center at 7:30 p.m. for a night walk.

The Martha’s Vineyard Film Society will be showing five Academy Award- nominated films for 2007 on Saturday evening at the Katharine Cornell Theatre at 7:30 p.m., about 85 minutes of film for I Met the Walrus, Madame Tutli-Putli, Meme Les Pigeons Vont Au Paradis, My Love (Moya Lyubov), and Peter and the Wolf. Doors open at 7 p.m. Admission is $8,or $5 for film society members.

On April 5 the film society will co-present with the Fish Farm for Haiti Project a special screening of the award-winning documentary The Price of Sugar. The film is a commentary on human rights, global trade, and one man’s plight to right a wrong. All proceeds from this screening will be contributed to Fish Farm for Haiti. This is a major on-going project on the Vineyard, with Mrs. Margaret Mayhew Penicaud as one of the primary volunteers.

Richard Paradise of the film society has been offered a matching grant opportunity from a private foundation. Funds have been earmarked to purchase a high definition projector, which would greatly add to the quality of the screenings. If you are interested in making a tax-deductible donation to the matching grant, please call Richard at 1-774-392-2972.

Ms. Natalie L. Francis celebrated her birthday on March 16 with her favorite pistachio cake made by Priscilla Belain. Last year Priscilla thought she would surprise Natalie by making a pound cake but everyone was disappointed when they had expected the pistachio. So once again, Priscilla made the best choice and they were joined by Fawn Fantasia and her sister Trudy Garvin for the celebration.

Miss Alayna Hutchinson has been the first to be able to utilize the new laptop computer at the Aquinnah Public Library. Stop by and see the new computers and other new purchases. Thank you to the Friends of Aquinnah Public Library and to our dedicated Library Trustees Nancy Delaney, Betty Joslow and Martha Vanderhoop. A special thank you to our library staff Jennifer Christy, Michelle Laurie and Natalie Francis who keep everything readily available and quite orderly week after week.

Miss Ann Marie Kurko was the weekend guest of Edward Fantasia, his wife Fawn and their children Edward, Thomas and Elsie. Ann Marie, niece of the late Rose Hawley, enjoyed her Easter weekend visit as always.

Samuel Lee, son of Marshall Lee and Martha Vanderhoop, participated in a mock trial at the Moakley Court House in Boston on Monday. His team from Newton South High School won the round and will be participating in the state finals today. Sam is a senior at Newton South and looking forward to college acceptances as they arrive each day.

Mr. Dan Sauer, his wife Nonie Madison, and their 17-month-old son, Waylon, recently returned from a three-week trip. Their travels included snowboarding with Dan’s family in the mountains of Colorado. They then visited with friends in New York. Upon their return, they celebrated Dan’s 30th birthday of March 23 which was quite a celebration with family and friends. He was especially happy that his brother Patrick Sauer and his wife Kim of Manhattan were here to share in the festivities.

Mr. James Shepherd, Faith Vanderhoop and their 16-month-old daughter Billie Diamond Vanderhoop Shepherd recently returned from a month-long trip across country. James has spent most of the winter working in Alaska on a film production crew. He was joined by Faith and Billie for the ride home. On their way, they stopped in San Jose, Calif., for a visit with Mrs. Barbara Ackerman who was delighted to meet Billie Diamond who is her first great-grandchild — and the only one thus far. They also visited with Faith’s aunt Gretchen and her family in San Francisco.

Tobias Vanderhoop arrived home on Sunday after spending time with the Crow Tribe in Montana and assisting them with their Constitutional changes. This project is part of his studies at Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. Tobias is down to just a few more weeks of classes and is looking forward to his graduation in June.

Micah Washington returned to his senior year studies at Marvelwood School in Kent, Conn., on Monday after having spent the past three weeks with his family. He is looking forward to his graduation and the fact that he now has fewer than eight weeks left of high school.

Thank you once again to Elise Lebovit and her floppy-eared assistants for another successful egg hunt on Sunday. More than 700 eggs were decorated and successfully searched for by dozens of children. Prizes were awarded to the youngest of the participants for their successes in the hunt.

Happy anniversary wishes to Tom and Deb Bramkamp as they celebrate their special day on April 2.

Happy belated birthday wishes to Mrs. Rosalie Bassett, matriarch of the Bassett men and women of Edgartown and across the Vineyard, who observed a major milestone on March 26.

A collective happy birthday wish to fellow nursery mates at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital once upon a time — and that is the fairy tale of it all! Faith West Williams on the 24th, Doug Asselin on the 27th, Rita Harrington on the 28th, and Edward (Peter) Vincent on the 30th.

Happy birthday wishes this week to Jannette Vanderhoop as she parties on Saturday. Ed Fantasia will observe a major milestone on Saturday and a great thank you to Ed for sharing his wonderful music with all each Sunday at Community Baptist Church. Aquinnah Police Chief Randhi P. Belain, James Glavin, Dan Maltais, Justin Vanderhoop and Heidi Vanderhoop all share the day on Sunday.

It will be “Durkee Day” around the Vineyard Gazette office on Monday as Steve Durkee will celebrate his special day. Edwin D. Vanderhoop will observe his 82nd birthday on Monday and shares the day with Mrs. Patt Burgess.

Mrs. Betty S. Rose will observe her 90th birthday on April 1. Mrs. Linda Fischer will also party on April 1. Audrey J. Jeffers-Mayhew will party on April 2 and shares the day with Levi Moreis who will be seven years old. June C. D. Noble will observe her special day on April 3. Amy Vanderhoop will party on April 3.