Film Producer Seeks

Historic Photographs

The producer of the documentary about the legendary Vineyard schooner captain Zeb Tilton is seeking the loan of pictorial elements.

J.B. Lamont, the film’s editor, reports that the production already has some 500 photographs that have been contributed by museums, libraries, newspapers, family members and collectors, in addition to motion picture footage from a wide number of sources.

Some elements necessary to tell the story have not been located, however. While a number of photos of Zeb are in hand, the producer continues to seek the loan of pictures of his parents, George and Hannah Tilton, of Zeb’s wife, Edith Mayhew, and children, and of his famous late-in-life wedding to Grace MacDonald.

The company is also looking for photos of folks who served as mates on Zeb’s iconic schooner, the Alice S. Wentworth: Alton Tilton, Tom Tilton, Tom Tilton, Charlie Marthinusen, John Olsen and Rosalie Tilton, Zeb’s daughter.

Photographs of a number of other famous sea captains also are being sought: Hartson Bodfish, Thomas Mellon, Valentine Pease and Parker Hall, as well as Ralph Packer, who was instrumental in establishing the Westworth Associates that restored the schooner in the 1940s.

Rounding out the list would be pictures of early sheep herding on the Vineyard and the wreckage of the Wentworth after it was destroyed by a storm at Pier 4 in Boston.

Persons wishing to lend pictures to the production may call the film’s director, Gordon Massingham, at 508-627-8844. He reports that any pictures will be handled with the greatest care, digitally scanned, and promptly returned to the owner.

The production company, Detrick Lawrence Productions of Edgartown, has been working on the project for a year and a half and anticipates releasing the film in June. An Island premiere is planned.