If the winter season has left a desire for anything, it is fresh produce. With spring seeds already in the ground, the first harvests are practically around the corner. But, there is still time to sign up for a full or seasonal share with the Whippoorwill Farm Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.

For a flat fee paid up front at the beginning of the season, members of the community can buy a share in the farm’s harvest for the season. A full share is $700. A 10-week share costs $420, with a five-week share priced at $210.

The money helps Whippoorwill farmer Andrew Woodruff and his staff buy seeds, fix equipment and start the growing season while members, in return, can look forward to weekly pickups of freshly grown fruits, flowers and vegetables.

The initiative connects the diner to the farmer and also costs less by the week than a trip to the grocery store.

“The farm is a nice place to take a time out and visit once a week,” Mr. Woodruff said. “It’s good for the soul and the body.”

Already at Thimble Farm, the site of the operation and the destination for the weekly pickups, tomato, onion and leek plants are starting to sprout in the greenhouse. Mr. Woodruff said the farm will be open in mid-June for pickups.

For more information on how to become a member, check out the new farm Web site, whippoorwillfarmcsa.org. Designed by farm hand Rusty Gordon, the site includes recipes for dishes using farm crops, CSA information and allows members to make online payments through Paypal, although a handwritten check sent through the mail will work as well.

“We wanted to be able to get more information out to our membership,” Mr. Woodruff said of the site.

In addition to putting the call out for members, the CSA is also looking for volunteers to help out on the farm and get involved behind the scenes with fundraising and special events like on-farm potlucks. Those interested can contact new farm administrator Meg Higgins.

“Meg’s been a member for a long time,” said Mr. Woodruff. “We’re really excited about having her in that role.”