It has been getting warmer. People are working longer in their gardens, the perennials are starting to show and the buds are on the bushes and trees.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. The big balloons are delayed till next week when the April list gets here.

I do have balloons for my brother Frank Noble who celebrated his day on April 8, and to Nancy Shemeth who celebrated her day on April 6.

Here is a bouquet of flowers to Jane Barbini who was walking down her cellar stairs and turned her ankle and broke it. It could be worse but golf season is really coming around and I know this is going to be hard for her.

I forgot to report last week that on one of our boat rides I saw Heather Jardin. She was going to Boston with her aunt Karen Bergeron for a treatment. She looked great, and she was in great spirits. The treatments are going well and her body is responding to the treatment.   So things are looking good. She has a way to go but it is a one-day-at-a-time illness. She is hoping to be able to work a little this summer but that will depend on her doctor’s advice. Don’t forget the can drive at the Martha’s Vineyard Boys’ and Girls’ Club to help defray medical and transportation costs.

Last Sunday was the first time we have been down the beach. Coo and Donna Cavallo and Ralph and I made our way down to see what the beach looked like. It is amazing what Mother Nature has done. It is still beautiful out there but you never know what it is going to look like from week to week.

On Sunday night, the firefighters put on a retirement party for Larry Thomas, Steve Edwards and Dick Knight at the Wharf. It was a great tribute to men who have served our town for many years. Larry was feted by many as he has been a member for quite a while. Past chief Antone Bettencourt and present chief Peter Shemeth were on hand to present Larry his white fire helmet that will be his forever. And his truck presented him with an engraved axe with fireman’s emblem on the handle. It was a great tribute to one who served so long.

Steve Edwards was awarded a plaque for all his hard work. Steve never missed an association meeting and he was always there to work on the auction or any function that the department put on. He was dedicated and we all appreciated the work that he gave to the town.

Dick Knight was not present as he was away. But we thank him for all his time he dedicated to the department.

It was very refreshing to see that even though three men retired that there were some new young volunteers. They have been trained by the best and will continue to learn as all the past firemen did. Let’s just hope it is all in the practice sessions and not real fires.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.