Our Island Club has established four $1,000 scholarships as part of its annual charitable contribution. In total, more than $25,000 will be distributed to more than 120 Island-based organizations.

“When members join, they direct the club to donate a portion of their membership fee to the charity of their choice,” co-founder Jonathan Bernstein said. “Most members designate a charity. However, several don’t and they have entrusted us to use those funds in a way that we see fit.

“This year we have established scholarships to benefit health care, agriculture, higher education and the arts,” he said. “These scholarships are available through the Vineyard Nursing Association, the FARM Institute, the Permanent Endowment Fund and Featherstone Center for the Arts.”

Now in its third year, Our Island Club is a program that provides savings to qualified year-round residents for food, home heating, gasoline, retail shoppers, restaurants and services.

According to the club, it now has more than 2,500 members and 100 participating member businesses. For more information, call Geoff Rose at 508-696-5430.