Tisbury will remain a dry town, after a recount of the tied April 15 ballot on restaurant beer and wine sales found two more votes in opposition to alcohol sales.

Shortly after 4 p.m. Friday, the new result was announced - 692 against alcohol sales and 690 in favor.

Two votes previously recorded as blanks by the automated count on the night of the ballot were counted as valid no votes, on the hand recount.

The recount began shortly after 2:20 p.m. and proceeded smoothly until 3:30, when the three counters finished their work, the results were tallied and found to be short.

Staff them found another bundle of 101 ballot papers, and all eyes focused on one counter, Tim McLean.

At 3:52, Barbara Silvia again tallied the votes, then groaned and tallied them again. Finally, just after 4 p.m., the result was announced. After more than three years of town debate and two weeks of uncertainty about the result, the electors had narrowly spoken.

It was not immediately clear if the close vote will put the matter to rest, or whether the business interests supporting beer and wine sales will continue to pursue it.

But Tisbury selectman Tristan Israel said he hoped the issue would be let lie for at least six months.

“We need to let the smoke clear and take a break for a while.” he said.

The town had more pressing issues on which to focus, such as its future infrastructure needs.

A second recount of the votes in the selectman’s election then took place. The machine count originally gave the position to Jeff Kristal over the nine-year incumbent, Thomas Pachico.

The recount confirmed that result, 679 to 665, with 46 blanks and 10 write-ins.

A complete story about the beer and wine recount will appear in next Friday’s Gazette.