Friday, May 16: Warm morning. Temperature close to the 60s. Rainy afternoon. Heavy showers pass over the Vineyard at the dinner hour. Cool damp evening. Bustling traffic at Five Corners as wet weekenders come off the boat pulling heavy baggage.

Saturday, May 17: A dramatic change comes to a stormy rainy morning. Clear skies from the west arrive bringing warm, summerlike sunshine. By afternoon the skies are clear and the air is warm. A beach-walking afternoon. Breezy along the shore.

Sunday, May 18: Partly sunny morning. The smell of freshly turned soil comes from a field at Morning Glory Farm. An apple tree on Anthier’s Way in Edgartown is in full bloom. Dogwood, shadbush and the beginning signs of change are on a wisteria vine. Bees hop from flower to flower. Clouds increase in the late afternoon. Drizzle.

Monday, May 19: Sunny in the morning. Fragrant lilacs are in full bloom in a downtown Edgartown backyard. Bicycle riders speed down South Water street in Edgartown, passing picket fences, and painters standing on high-rising ladders. A flock of Canada geese fly north over Quansoo. The roar of the sea can be heard afar.

Tuesday, May 20: Partly sunny morning. Increasing clouds from the west. Rain arrives before dinner. Showers are heavy. Raindrops are loud against the window. Showers stop late.

Wednesday, May 21: Goats are out early in the field at Katama Farm. Acres of green extend across Katama. The soil is soft underfoot. Farmhands turn the soil. Chicks in the barn scurry about their pen. Partly cloudy skies. Children take a tour of the farm. A light southwest breeze. Mostly sunny afternoon. Choppy seas in Vineyard Sound.

Thursday, May 22: Overcast. Light showers in the morning. Early morning shifting breeze. West wind brings more rain midmorning. Bright, cloudy skies.